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The Northwest UU Justice Network is often expanding its programs, personnel, groups and volunteers.  Every few months we update our "Who to Contact" list and publish it on this website. 

Looking for something or someone not on that list?  Please contact our Executive Director, DD Hilke, at  Thanks!

Recently Updated
Quick Reference Guide: Who to Contact? (Spring '18) Last Updated on 2018-03-28 15:07:05   Here is your quick reference guide for getting things done. To: Learn about or register for the Justice Summit - Click here. Become a member – Sign up here. Want more info? Contact DD Hilke at Publicize an Event – To post it on our calendar, submit your info here.  (To post it on our website as a New article and have it featured on our homepage, see the next bullet.) Get something posted to the Network sites: Follow these guidelines THEN contact our Publications Team at Send out a Targeted Alert: Follow these guidelines THEN contact Sharon Varosh at Make a last minute submission to Alerts & Events: OK, you really shouldn’t, but Diane Brooks at  She might or might not be receptive to your request. You can always try. Join a group.... More »
FILLED - Justice Network Seeks Issue-Network Program Manager Last Updated on 2018-01-08 15:10:22 THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED This is a part-time, contract position seeking candidates who can begin work in July, 2016, pending availability of funding.  Significant opportunities for advancement. The NW UU Justice Network (NWuuJN, the Network) provides program, website, social media, database, networking and other support services to Unitarian Universalists (UUs) and their allies who are engaged in social, environmental and/or economic justice work. The Network’s essential purpose is to powerfully and contagiously connect justice-seeking people, information, events, advocacy, service, and ministry so that UUs and their allies can “do more, more easily, to greater effect to build a better world.” The Northwest UU Justice Network currently supports UUs working on more than 50 justice issues. NWuuJN serves these participants whether they are working for justice... More »
Publications Assistant Wanted Last Updated on 2017-12-07 10:28:47   WANTED: A LITTLE BIT OF YOUR TIME A FEW DAYS A WEEK (most weeks) Wish you were closer to what’s happening in UU Justice work in Washington State and beyond? Have a knack for editing? Able to fill in an online form? Familiar with FaceBook posting? Have 1-3 hours a week, most weeks? Want to learn a few more tricks? YES? The Northwest UU Justice Network is ‚ÄčExpanding our Publications Team This work is NOT super technical (no html required), and it’s all “do it from home.”  You’ll check for new work on your assigned days. Average job takes 20 minutes to half an hour. Most days have one to three jobs. Inquiries to: DD Hilke, $13/hr plus great colleagues. Open until filled. Want to know more about Northwest UU Justice Network? Our website. Our Facebook page. More »
Guidelines for Special Alerts Last Updated on 2017-02-03 13:16:05 Need to get information out fast about a development in the State legislature, or about an event that you know folks who share your issue interests will want to attend?  Or maybe there is a new development, petition, or opportunity you want to share.  The Northwest UU Justice Network can help you get the word out (often the same day) to UUs who share your justice interests.  Here's how: Guidelines for Targeted Special Alerts: Compose your Alert as an email that you want to send out as a mailmerge to a targeted group of people, including: Subject line recommendation Email body (Do’s and Don’ts apply) Your contact information in the body of that email draft (telling the recipients of your alert that they should respond to you) Send it off to our Network Administrator, Sharon Varosh, at and... Tell her to... More »
Your Donation Can Help the Network Bloom Last Updated on 2016-12-07 13:39:26 Help the Northwest UU Justice Network Bloom Donating is Easy           Click here to use a check. Help the Northwest UU Justice Network Bloom Pick your favorite reason from our bouquet. It’s the season of renewal and I want our Network to bloom! My tax refund just arrived and I’d like to put it to good use and use it for good. I’m on board with NWuuJN’s theme of “doing more, more easily, to greater effect” in my justice work. I’d like to honor a friend’s birthday with a gift to NWuuJN. “Pay it forward” works for me. I realize that it take money to keep the organization doing its good work, and I want to support it. NWuuJN is on my donation list just because it feels right. Click here to use a check. Help the Northwest UU Justice Network Bloom Thank you... More »