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Who we are: The Northwest UU Justice Network (NWuuJN) is a growing group of Unitarian Universalists who are committed to working together to build a more just and sustainable world. 

What we do: NWuuJN connects and supports UUs who are working on various environmental and social justice issues, whether they are working on their own, through their congregations, advocacy networks,  issue-specific organizations, in their communities,… actually, anywhere.

How we do it: We present a powerful in-person justice summit every fall, but most of our work helps folks gather, connect, publicize and/or meet virtually to do their justice work throughout the year.  Our tag line is “to do more, more easily to greater effect by working together.”  We are currently tracking about 50 issues.  We have a vision of being able to see (and help folks touch and bring power to) the vibrant hubs/spokes of the web of justice work that is active in our region.

Who supports us: Our network is being supported by the efforts of scores of volunteers, as well as by the generosity of individuals, congregations, and foundations that share our vision and support our work through donations and grants. Of particular note is the Unitarian Universalist Fund for Social Responsibility which has provided grant support for the Network's initial implementation (in 2012) and growth towards sustainability (in 2013-14) .  The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee is providing partial support for Julia Cochrane, a USSC Justice Building Innovator, sponsored by Northwest UU Justice Network in collaboration with WA Voices for Justice.  Learn more about how you can help the Network here.

Our Organization: The Northwest UU Justice Network declared its existence at the first Northwest UU Justice Summit in October 2011.  We began with seven activists with a dream and today number more than 700 involved UUs.  Presently we are governed by a Board of Directors, with a volunteer Executive Director and a few part time staff. Edmonds UU Congregation served as NWuuJN's fiscal sponsor through November 13, 2016.  As of November 14, 2016 Northwest UU Justice Network is a fully indepent, tax exempt  501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

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Quick Reference Guide: Who to Contact? (Summer '17) Last Updated on 2017-06-09 14:42:34   Here is your quick reference guide for getting things done. To: Learn about or register for the Justice Summit - Click here. Become a member – Sign up here. Want more info? Contact DD Hilke at NWuuJN.Exec@gmail.com. Publicize an Event – To post it on our calendar, submit your info here.  (To post it on our website as a New article and have it featured on our homepage, see the next bullet.) Get something posted to the Network sites: Follow these guidelines THEN contact our Publications Team at NwuuJN.Pub@gmail.com. Send out a Targeted Alert: Follow these guidelines THEN contact Sharon Varosh at NWuuJN.Office@gmail.com. Make a last minute submission to Alerts & Events: OK, you really shouldn’t, but Diane Brooks at NWuuJN.News@gmail.com.  She might or might not be receptive to your request. You can always try. Join a group.... More »
Launching UU Justice-Issue Networks to Amplify Justice Impact in the Northwest Last Updated on 2017-05-03 14:53:24 Where is the Northwest UU Justice Network headed over the next three years?  Answer: Into ever more powerful ways to connect and serve UUs working for justice in the Pacific Northwest.  The following grant application was submitted to the UU Fund for Social Responsibility on March 15, 2016.  While it was not funded, the Network is moving ahead with its plan to begin development of interstate Issue-Networks and is working to secure funding to fully support this vision.   1. Fifty-word summary: To amplify UU justice impact in the Northwest, the Northwest UU Justice Network will 1) launch justice-issue sub-networks of NWuuJN, 2) use surveys of justice-issue interests and levels of engagement to discern key issues, leaders and participants, and 3) provide improved social media, communications, and database services. 2. Describe your group and its recent... More »
Guidelines for Special Alerts Last Updated on 2017-02-03 13:16:05 Need to get information out fast about a development in the State legislature, or about an event that you know folks who share your issue interests will want to attend?  Or maybe there is a new development, petition, or opportunity you want to share.  The Northwest UU Justice Network can help you get the word out (often the same day) to UUs who share your justice interests.  Here's how: Guidelines for Targeted Special Alerts: Compose your Alert as an email that you want to send out as a mailmerge to a targeted group of people, including: Subject line recommendation Email body (Do’s and Don’ts apply) Your contact information in the body of that email draft (telling the recipients of your alert that they should respond to you) Send it off to our Network Administrator, Sharon Varosh, at NWuuJN.Office@gmail.com and... Tell her to... More »
Big News - Northwest UU Justice Network is Growing Up Last Updated on 2016-12-29 14:09:55 Big News!  Northwest UU Justice Network incorporates, receives 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, expresses gratitude to Edmonds UU Congregation and all who have supported its five year journey from vision to independent nonprofit. Five and half years ago, seven justice seekers from the Pacific Northwest approached Edmonds UU Congregation (EUUC) with a request: "Help us start a justice network to connect Unitarian Universalists and their allies in the Pacific Northwest." After due consideration by EUUC's board, minister and justice advocates, EUUC signed on to nurture this would-be organization as an official fiscal sponsor. The Congregation also stepped forward to host the first ever Northwest UU Justice Summit, and their congregational justice team was the first to provide monetarily support to the new network. Thank you, Edmonds UU Congregation! Today, Northwest UU... More »
Help Northwest UU Justice Network Connect Us! Last Updated on 2016-12-15 17:19:01 Help Northwest UU Justice Network keep us connecting!  ...even in Stormy times!  Donating is Easy Click here to use a check. Our justice landscape is in upheaval, and we are called into action on many fronts. Being in solidarity with indigenous peoples and people of color, with Muslim and immigrant communities, and with our planet has never been more important. Nor has effectively organizing to dismantle systemic injustice and enact proactive legislation to protect people, freedoms, our planet and effective government at the local, state, and national levels. Help us help you in these uncertain times. Thank you for your support. Northwest UU Justice Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Your donations to us are tax deductible on your U.S. Federal Income Tax return. More »