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Who we are: The Northwest UU Justice Network (NWuuJN) is a growing group of Unitarian Universalists who are committed to working together to build a more just and sustainable world. 

What we do: NWuuJN connects and supports UUs who are working on various environmental and social justice issues, whether they are working on their own, through their congregations, advocacy networks,  issue-specific organizations, in their communities,… actually, anywhere.

How we do it: We present a powerful in-person justice summit every fall, but most of our work helps folks gather, connect, publicize and/or meet virtually to do their justice work throughout the year.  Our tag line is “to do more, more easily to greater effect by working together.”  We are currently tracking about 50 issues.  We have a vision of being able to see (and help folks touch and bring power to) the vibrant hubs/spokes of the web of justice work that is active in our region.

Who supports us: Our network is being supported by the efforts of scores of volunteers, as well as by the generosity of individuals, congregations, and foundations that share our vision and support our work through donations and grants. Of particular note is the Unitarian Universalist Fund for Social Responsibility which has provided grant support for the Network's initial implementation (in 2012) and growth towards sustainability (in 2013-14) .  The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee is providing partial support for Julia Cochrane, a USSC Justice Building Innovator, sponsored by Northwest UU Justice Network in collaboration with WA Voices for Justice.  Learn more about how you can help the Network here.

Our Organization: The Northwest UU Justice Network declared its existence at the first Northwest UU Justice Summit in October 2011.  We began with seven activists with a dream and today number more than 700 involved UUs.  Presently we are governed by a Board of Directors, with a volunteer Executive Director and a few part time staff. Edmonds UU Congregation served as NWuuJN's fiscal sponsor through November 13, 2016.  As of November 14, 2016 Northwest UU Justice Network is a fully indepent, tax exempt  501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.  Our business and administrative offices are located at 17250 NE 156th Ct, Woodinville, Washington.

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How it happened - Voices and NWuuJN on a Path of Joint Evolution Last Updated on 2017-10-19 18:43:05 The following remarks were presented at the 2017 NW UU Justice Summit held on October 7th at University Unitarian Church in Seattle, Washington.   A lot has happened in the last year ... to all of us.  To our confidence in the effectiveness of our democratic system. To the people on the margins of our society with whom we stand. To the planet we continue to despoil. To the trajectories for justice that we had, in many cases, seen arching towards justice.  Now, often hidden in the fog -- often seemingly broken; deeply threatened. Each of us has struggled in this year to work for a future that we would be proud to give our children, our grandchildren, or all the "children" of this world of any species.  Many of us struggle daily to determine our part in securing that future. Northwest UU Justice and WA UU Voices for Justice have been struggling... More »
Washington UU Action Network Evolution - A Joint Proposal Last Updated on 2017-10-04 20:35:03 The following proposal was submitted September 15, 2017 to the UU Fund for Social Responsibility at the direction of the boards of Washington UU Voices for Justice and Northwest UU Justice Network.  The proposal seeks funding to begin a project that would live their August 2017 mutual commitments to "evolve into a single organization."  1. Fifty-word summary: Evolve a more effective, inclusive and spiritually-grounded Unitarian Universalist Washington State Action Network (WASAN) that inspires greater engagement by young adults, religious professionals, and congregational leads, and attracts leadership from marginalized peoples and effective collaboration with their partner organizations. Create a strong foundation for future WASAN leadership and operations. 2. Describe your group and its recent history. Northwest Unitarian Universalist Justice Network (NWuuJN)... More »
Evolving Together: Washington UU Voices for Justice and NW UU Justice Network Last Updated on 2017-08-23 21:03:42 For Immediate Release from NW UU Justice Network and WA UU Voices for Justice ‚ÄčAugust 18,  2017    The boards of Washington State Unitarian Universalist (UU) Voices for Justice and the Northwest UU Justice Network met together on August 4-5, 2017, to explore further cooperation. It was an exciting retreat, giving us the opportunity to think deeply about our reasons for doing justice work and the purposes of our organizations. Recognizing that collaboration made good sense, we discussed merger and rejected that idea as too limited. Instead, we committed to work together to invite UU congregations, organizations and justice advocates to join us in an evolutionary process. These times call for our best efforts and most effective organizations and we believe we can become more effective with, for example, greater youth and young adult involvement. During the afternoon of... More »
Quick Reference Guide: Who to Contact? (Summer '17) Last Updated on 2017-08-21 20:09:41   Here is your quick reference guide for getting things done. To: Learn about or register for the Justice Summit - Click here. Become a member – Sign up here. Want more info? Contact DD Hilke at NWuuJN.Exec@gmail.com. Publicize an Event – To post it on our calendar, submit your info here.  (To post it on our website as a New article and have it featured on our homepage, see the next bullet.) Get something posted to the Network sites: Follow these guidelines THEN contact our Publications Team at NwuuJN.Pub@gmail.com. Send out a Targeted Alert: Follow these guidelines THEN contact Sharon Varosh at NWuuJN.Office@gmail.com. Make a last minute submission to Alerts & Events: OK, you really shouldn’t, but Diane Brooks at NWuuJN.News@gmail.com.  She might or might not be receptive to your request. You can always try. Join a group.... More »
Expectations for All Network Events/Meetings Last Updated on 2017-08-08 21:14:06 The network is committed to supporting the work, interconnections, and leadership development of all UU activists, including those of youth. Therefore, we ask that all meetings and events sponsored by the network adhere to guidelines that support a safe and empowering experience for youth as co-participants. These guidelines include: respect for all participants, their contributions and their development as leaders, independent of age. youth and adults to remain within a group - never one youth/one adult, unless it is a parent or someone approved by the parent. no alcohol no illegal or non-medicinal drugs no overtly sexual behavior or conversation. The Network is open to refining these guidelines.  Please contact DD Hilke, NWuuJN.Exec@gmail.com with your ideas or post your comments, below. More »