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The Network is powered by the generous contributions of scores of volunteers, as well as by the individuals, congregations, and foundations that share our vision and support our work through donations and grants. 

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UU Love in Action: Are You In? Last Updated on 2017-12-28 17:20:20   Yep, we are asking for money. Money to evolve to meet the demands of our present and future! As 2018 begins, we need your help to evolve a more robust, inclusive UU justice organization to effect change in Washington State and beyond! Antiracism, Black Lives Matter, immigrant rights, First and American Indian Nations, gender equity and LBGTQ+ rights, economic and climate justice, and MORE are all critical justice issues calling us to action. To help our communities meet these challenges, we need to draw in, reach out and organize more volunteers, networks, skills and resources. ‚ÄčNorthwest UU Justice Network and Washington UU Voices for Justice need your help to evolve a new, more capable UU Action Network for these challenging times. We need your financial help, today, and your ideas and activism as we move forward. We've applied for and received grant funding, and... More »
Program Manager Wanted Last Updated on 2017-12-07 10:29:50   Work for Justice! Northwest UU Justice Network and Washington UU Voices for Justice seek an energetic, committed manager to lead the evolution of these two organizations into one new, more effective, more inclusive state action network for UUs engaged in justice work in Washington and beyond. This quarter-time program manager position, grant-funded as of January 2018, will remain open until filled. The evolution will be led by the to-be-chartered WASAN Evolution Leadership Team, under the general oversight of the combined boards of Voices and NWuuJN. The program manager will chair the Leadership Team and will oversee work on the project as well as the staff and volunteers who implement that work. The program manager is the primary spokesperson for the project. The project is administered by NWuuJN. The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent),... More »
Publications Assistant Wanted Last Updated on 2017-12-07 10:28:47   WANTED: A LITTLE BIT OF YOUR TIME A FEW DAYS A WEEK (most weeks) Wish you were closer to what’s happening in UU Justice work in Washington State and beyond? Have a knack for editing? Able to fill in an online form? Familiar with FaceBook posting? Have 1-3 hours a week, most weeks? Want to learn a few more tricks? YES? The Northwest UU Justice Network is ‚ÄčExpanding our Publications Team This work is NOT super technical (no html required), and it’s all “do it from home.”  You’ll check for new work on your assigned days. Average job takes 20 minutes to half an hour. Most days have one to three jobs. Inquiries to: DD Hilke, $13/hr plus great colleagues. Open until filled. Want to know more about Northwest UU Justice Network? Our website. Our Facebook page. More »
Washington UU Action Network Evolution - A Joint Proposal Last Updated on 2017-10-04 20:35:03 The following proposal was submitted September 15, 2017 to the UU Fund for Social Responsibility at the direction of the boards of Washington UU Voices for Justice and Northwest UU Justice Network.  The proposal seeks funding to begin a project that would live their August 2017 mutual commitments to "evolve into a single organization."  1. Fifty-word summary: Evolve a more effective, inclusive and spiritually-grounded Unitarian Universalist Washington State Action Network (WASAN) that inspires greater engagement by young adults, religious professionals, and congregational leads, and attracts leadership from marginalized peoples and effective collaboration with their partner organizations. Create a strong foundation for future WASAN leadership and operations. 2. Describe your group and its recent history. Northwest Unitarian Universalist Justice Network (NWuuJN)... More »
Launching UU Justice-Issue Networks to Amplify Justice Impact in the Northwest Last Updated on 2017-05-03 14:53:24 Where is the Northwest UU Justice Network headed over the next three years?  Answer: Into ever more powerful ways to connect and serve UUs working for justice in the Pacific Northwest.  The following grant application was submitted to the UU Fund for Social Responsibility on March 15, 2016.  While it was not funded, the Network is moving ahead with its plan to begin development of interstate Issue-Networks and is working to secure funding to fully support this vision.   1. Fifty-word summary: To amplify UU justice impact in the Northwest, the Northwest UU Justice Network will 1) launch justice-issue sub-networks of NWuuJN, 2) use surveys of justice-issue interests and levels of engagement to discern key issues, leaders and participants, and 3) provide improved social media, communications, and database services. 2. Describe your group and its recent... More »