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Unitarian Universalists in the Northwest have a long history of making our voices heard, as we work to build a more just, eqitable, compassionate and sustainable world.  Part of this work is involves entering into conversations with decision-makers in government.  To help us connect with each other for this important work, we are now creating the NWuuJN:

Legislative Advocacy Hub

Here you can:

  • Learn, lobby, and strategize about advocacy for your issue.
  • PUBLICIZE events related to advoacy to our site calendar.
  • Post important advocacy opportunities to this topic.
  • Not a member -  JOIN US! - Members can post!

For more information about the Network and how to contribute, contact DD Hilke, Executive Director at

Recently Updated
Sustainable Leadership for Social Change, Program in Massachusetts Last Updated on 2018-10-03 15:58:20   Engage emerging and existing justice leaders in creative, action oriented, sustainable spirit-centered movement, social justice and coalition building. This is no time to be casual in our justice work. We are in a time of change, and we need to have trained leaders in our communities. The new Sustainable Leadership for Social Change certificate program begins this November at the Rowe Center. This program is geared to train new social activists, to support those already immersed in the work of justice, and to explore how we sustain this work. We will emphasize coalition and fusion work, sustainability and resiliency, strategy development and adaptability, healthy group decision making and collaborative leadership. A two-year certificate program with two weekend workshops and two week-long intensives each year. Nov. 11-16, 2018; May 5-10, 2019, Fall 2019; Spring 2020... More »
Midterm Elections Voting Reminder Last Updated on 2018-10-03 15:51:11 Have you felt frustrated, ignored, or angered by our current political climate? Now is the time to turn those feelings into action with the upcoming midterm elections! The midterm elections are on November 6, 2018—just a month away. Like their name suggests, the midterm elections are national elections that happen 2 years (right in the middle) of a President’s 4-year term. Many of our lawmakers, at both the federal and state levels of office are up for re-election during midterm elections. This means that the control of Congress and the control of the state legislature could change after the midterms. These 2018 midterm elections are crucial for the future of our country. Important issues concerning reproductive rights, immigration, and economic justice, among many others, will likely be decided by the outcome of these elections. Don’t miss this chance to voice your... More »
Share Your Story of the Future of Unitarian Universalism Last Updated on 2018-10-03 14:47:15   We know at least three things about the future of Unitarian Universalism:   1. Organized religion is changing at breakneck speed as more people look for forms of spiritual community that better meet their needs for meaning, personal fulfillment and companionship.   2. Our Unitarian Universalist tradition and principles speak directly and powerfully to many of these people, even if our traditional ways of being in community do not.   3. Unitarian Universalist leaders of all types are pioneering new ways of being in community, worshiping, educating, expressing creativity, leading social justice and starting up social enterprises that give exciting expression to our faith.   For Breakthrough 2018-19, the UUA and UU World want to celebrate innovative ways Unitarian Universalist communities of all kinds are better serving those who need Unitarian... More »
Interfaith Justice Conference: Sept. 29 on Mercer Island, Wash. Last Updated on 2018-09-25 16:40:06   The Weaving Our Strengths Conference is almost here!   The Church Council of Greater Seattle Weaving Our Strengths: Narratives of Hope Sat. Sept. 29, 8 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Mercer Island Presbyterian Church 3605 84th Ave. S.E. Mercer Island, Wash.   Come one, come all! Lay leaders, ministers, pastors, youth leaders, interested individuals, church leadership councils, outreach teams, social justice teams, mission teams and worship teams, come to Weaving Our Strengths, a day-long conference of fellowship, inspiration and skill-building to strengthen local churches' efforts for the common good. The day includes worship, two sessions of workshops, and an afternoon session moving from conversation to action. This year's theme is Narratives of Hope.   Conference information is up on our website   including workshop descriptions, presenter... More »
Intro to Restorative Justice, Oct. 6 in Bellevue, Wash. Last Updated on 2018-09-17 00:44:03 A transformative methodology for community-building and conflict resolution using a restorative approach. Restorative Practices support people to step into important and difficult conversations in ways that increase connection and understanding. It provides true community-based solutions, accountability, and transformative change while deepening trust. This hands-on experiential immersion in Restorative Justice, Restorative Circles, and Restorative Practices will support those seeking a paradigm shift away from “Either/Or” thinking that leads to shame and blame, and often results in punishment and disconnection. Restorative Justice is an alternative approach to accountability that brings connection and dignity for everyone. A Restorative Culture can be created in any community, organization, business or school. Even family interaction can be transformed using these... More »