Genetically Engineered Foods

As part of our commitment to economic justice for all and respect for the complex, interdependent web of all existence, many UU's are concerned about Genetically Engineered (GE) foods being grown on farms worldwide and entering our food supply.  Currently, Washington State has an opportunity; ballot Initiative 522, to label GE foods in Washington. Requiring GE foods to be labeled in retail establishments would be a victory for consumers who wish to have a choice about the economic, ecological, and potential health impacts of their food purchases.

The Northwest UU Justice Network has established this web-topic so we can come together to learn more and be in action on this issue. We invite UUs and their justice colleagues to join our network, post to this topic, add your events to our calendar, and to gather both virtually and in person as you work on this topic.

To get involved in supporting this effort, contact Marisa Hendron at

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Interfaith Advocacy Day in Olympia, WA is Thursday, Jan 30, 2013 Last Updated on 2013-12-31 00:31:58 Faith Action Network's (F.A.N.) Interfaith Advocacy Day event takes place in Olympia, WA, on Thursday, January 30th at United Churches (110 11th Ave. S.E.). Follow this link if you'd like to register now. FAITH ACTION NETWORK’s Interfaith Advocacy Day in Olympia brings to our elected leaders the voice of compassion and justice. We partner for the common good with people of all faiths—and with people of no faith at all—who stand up boldly to challenge the powerful. Your meeting with legislators and/or their staff this day is the most important thing our faith advocates can do. Join workshops that will break down the issues. Get current best practices on how to advocate in today’s legislature. Learn how to prepare for briefings and hearings. And an appointment will be made for you and others from your district to speak directly with your state... More »