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Thank you for your interest in the Northwest UU Justice Network!  More than 1000 UUs and their allies are now connecting through the Network throughout the Pacific Northwest! Folks are busily getting organized and taking action on a wide range of issues, from human rights, to the environment, to more just governance, and beyond. 

When you become a member of the Network you can:

  • Get the word out about your justice work (and learn about the work of others)
  • Share and pursue your justice issues and have the option to:
  • Get Network support that makes your work easier.
  • Get help tackling the trickier challenges of congregational justice work.
  • Learn more about the benefits of being a member.


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Membership Payment Page Last Updated on 2018-06-01 15:37:36 $0                          Member (Free) $1     to   $  49      Member (Reduced) $50         $  99      Member (Basic) $100 to   $249     Supporting  Member $250 to   $499     Sponsoring  Member $500 to   $999    Benefactor and Member $1000 and up     Patron and Member     Thank You for Your Membership! Welcome to the Network! Northwest UU Justice Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.  Your donations are tax deductible on your U.S. Federal Tax Return.   More »
Sanctuary Training & All-Issue Breakout Sessions, April 27 at Portland Regional Assembly Last Updated on 2018-03-21 17:18:21 Join UUs and Activists from across the Pacific Western Region at the UU Regional Assembly: April 27-29 in Portland, Ore.   Justice Training and Issue Networking When: ‚Äč   Friday Afternoon, April 27, 1 - 5 p.m. Where:   Double Tree in, Portland, Ore.   Conference ID for the Pacific Western Regional Assembly of the UUA NOT required to attend. Free and open to the public.   Gain important tools to better support Sanctuary efforts, learn about healthy partnerships, engage with Love Resists, connect with others, and make new friends.   Readying Ourselves for Solidarity with Sanctuary Efforts: Sanctuary has evolved to encompass more than just physical Sanctuary to now include, rapid response (Sanctuary in the Streets) and short-term Sanctuary. Both are grounded in a justice accompaniment approach. We will examine the role of criminalization in the... More »
Benefits of Being a Member of the Justice Network Last Updated on 2017-07-07 14:33:36 "Nope... we don't give you a coffee mug, or even give you a discount on our annual conference. Instead, we do everything we can to support you, so that  YOU can: do more, more easily to greater effect to build a better world (AND.. do it as a UU <and with all your non-UU allies, too!>)" Members of the Network: Get Network support that makes it easier to connect with others and get traction on your personal justice issues. Get help tackling the trickier challenges of congregational justice work. Get the word out about your justice work (and learn about the work of others) contribute to and receive the Network's Alerts & Events emails. contribute news or issue information to be posted to this website, Facebook, and more. ask that a special alert be sent to folks who share you justice concerns. receive training, if you like, in how... More »
Time to Reaffirm Your Justice Network Membership for 2017! Last Updated on 2016-12-07 13:52:43 We're going to get right to the point. Northwest UU Justice Network needs you to reaffirm your membership and, if you can, support us monetarily. We all need to be connected for justice, now more than ever! Our justice landscape is in upheaval, and we are called into action on many fronts. Being in solidarity with indigenous peoples and people of color, with Muslim and immigrant communities, and with our planet has never been more important. Nor has effectively organizing to dismantle systemic injustice and enact proactive legislation to protect people, freedoms, our planet and effective government at the local, state, and national levels. I know you agree. So rather than reiterate what we’ve done this past year or our plans for the future, we’ll just say, “Your Justice Network will be here for you, helping us all to meet these challenges.” Staff are... More »
Have You Affirmed Your Membership? Last Updated on 2016-07-16 12:59:37 Time to affirm (or reaffirm!) your membership! (and to choose your own dues – click here to do it now) Northwest UU Justice Network is, at its core, simply a network of justice activists and justice seekers. It is you and others like you. Your events power the network’s calendar. Your voice at our summit informs and motivates fellow activists. The information that the network staff posts, the programs we produce, and the funds that support those services all come from you. These programs and services in turn support you and fellow UUs (and allies). Supporting individual justice journeys. Connecting for justice across congregations, states and regions. Making all of our justice efforts more effective. We ask all of our members to support the network financially as they are able. No one is denied access to the Network, our annual summits or any other activities or services... More »