Justice at Shoreline UU Church


OUR PURPOSE is to help our congregation to express our UU values in action by identifying, developing, and communicating opportunities to assist those in need and to influence public policy and social practice for a more just, compassionate, and co-operative world.

OUR VALUES are expressed in words in the Seven Principles affirmed by Unitarian Universalists (http://www.uua.org/beliefs/what-we-believe/principles).

SIX KINDS OF ACTIVITIES are used -- and honored -- as ways to express our values in action: charitable giving, volunteer service, education and research, advocacy in the political process, public witness and direct action, and networking and organization.

SEVEN ISSUE AREAS focus these activities, with particular issue priorities and projects selected yearly:

  • Economic Justice
  • Emergency Relief and Preparedness
  • Government and Democracy
  • Green Justice (including Climate Change)
  • Human rights and Tolerance
  • International Peace & Justice
  • Public Safety and Criminal Justice

OUR CURRENT ISSUE PRIORITIES AND PROJECTS within these areas (with ministry meeting and contact information) are described on our Priorities, Projects, and People page.

Recently Updated
Justice at Shoreline: Priorities, Projects, People Last Updated on 2017-11-23 00:13:50   Shoreline UUC's Social Action Ministry (SAM) currently has these four top priorities for addressing systemic social justice issues: To reduce economic inequality by directly assisting the needy but also by working to reform the regressive features of country's and our state's tax systems, to secure living wages and protections from unjust treatment for all workers, to mend the shredded social safety net, and to invest in and to protect the common good. To work to establish environmental/green justice policies while preventing their economic burdens from falling on those least able to bear them. In particular, we will work for a carbon tax or for a state carbon emission reduction charge, with selective tax breaks or rebates to offset regressive tax effects. To promote not only fairness, tolerance, and respect, but active understanding, patience,... More »
December 9 Meeting of Shoreline UUC's Social Action Ministry Last Updated on 2017-11-23 00:11:05   The next meeting of Shoreline UUC's Social Action Ministry will be on Saturday, December 9th,  in the conference room, 9:30-11:00. Aureole will be leading restorative meditation and chanting before the meeting at 9:00 a.m. to promote calming, steadying, and centering;  all are welcome even if you don't stay for the business part of the Social Action meeting     Topics for discussion during the business portion of the SAM meeting include: The Holiday Giving Project (underway), including recruiting or confirmation of volunteers to take donations to Mary's Place each Sunday through December 24.   Informational report on Nov. 19 FAN annual fundraiser dinner -- with inspirational moments in the program by Yakima Nations representatives, Muslim Association of Puget Sound, WA Supreme Court Justice Mary Yu, and Rick... More »
Social Action Holiday Giving Campaign For Mary's Place Now to Xmas Eve at Shoreline UUC Last Updated on 2017-11-23 00:06:09   Shoreline UUC's Social Action Ministry and Children's Religious Exploration program are leading the 2017 Winter Holiday Giving Campaign.  The campaign this year is again for the benefit of the clients of Mary's Place North Shelter.  Requested donations are for the usual hygiene items as well as "giftable" toys, entertainment items, and clothes for parents at Mary's Place to get from their store to give to their own kids. Here are lists of the kind of items needed: New (open packages are okay) Diaper wipes Diapers (Size 4-6) Pacifiers (gender neutral, all sizes) New underwear (all genders and sizes) Socks (all genders and sizes) Gently-used or new Toys and entertainment items (especially for 7-17 year old's) Stroller covers Boys clothes (2T-youth large) Children's shoes Bras (all sizes,... More »
"Healing the Hate" at Shoreline Conference Center, Sunday, Dec. 3 Last Updated on 2017-11-22 20:50:36   DATE AND TIME:  Sunday, December 3, 2017, 3:00-5:00 p.m. LOCATION:             Shoreline Conference Center, 18560 First Ave. NE,  Shoreline, WA 98155 This event will feature a talk by Rais Bhuiyan, co-founder of World Without Hate (WWH) http://worldwithouthate.org/ and author of The True American, which tells his story of being shot in the face by a white supremacist for being a Muslim, 10 days after 9/11.   His story is about "the transformational power of forgiveness, of embracing compassion and mercy, and of teaching others the beauty to be found in acceptance and empathy." Stemming from Rais Bhuiyan's journey from survival to hope and healing, World Without Hate is a movement to cultivate a world that we all deserve, a world without violence, a world without victims -- a "world... More »
Shoreline UUC Congregants Called To Support Black Lives Matter at Nov. 24 "Black Friday" Demonstration Last Updated on 2017-11-22 19:35:48   Shoreline UUC congregants, please join others from our church on Black Friday, November 24,  to show our support at the Black Lives Matter demonstration being held at Westlake Center at noon.   Meet at the church to carpool from there at11:30 a.m. or meet under our SUUC Black Lives Matter banner at Westlake near the fountain by noon.  Please RSVP to Jo Moore, jottingjo@gmail.com or 206-364-9636 so that we'll know to expect you. More »