Justice at Shoreline UU Church


OUR PURPOSE is to help our congregation to express our UU values in action by identifying, developing, and communicating opportunities to assist those in need and to influence public policy and social practice for a more just, compassionate, and co-operative world.

OUR VALUES are expressed in words in the Seven Principles affirmed by Unitarian Universalists (http://www.uua.org/beliefs/what-we-believe/principles).

SIX KINDS OF ACTIVITIES are used -- and honored -- as ways to express our values in action: charitable giving, volunteer service, education and research, advocacy in the political process, public witness and direct action, and networking and organization.

SEVEN ISSUE AREAS focus these activities, with particular issue priorities and projects selected yearly:

  • Economic Justice
  • Emergency Relief and Preparedness
  • Government and Democracy
  • Green Justice (including Climate Change)
  • Human rights and Tolerance
  • International Peace & Justice
  • Public Safety and Criminal Justice

OUR CURRENT ISSUE PRIORITIES AND PROJECTS within these areas (with ministry meeting and contact information) are described on our Priorities, Projects, and People page.

Recently Updated
Special Session of Washington State Legislature Begins - Faith Action Network Weekly Update Last Updated on 2017-04-26 15:08:27 Regular Session Over – Special Session Begins April 23rd was the final day for the 2017 Legislative Session. Not surprisingly, the legislature did not complete its most important task: agreeing to and finalizing the 2017-2019 Biennial Budget. Consequently, last Friday (April 21) the Governor announced a 30-day special session to start April 24. Usually during a special session, only the ‘four corner’ budget negotiators (2-3 legislators from both party caucuses in the House and Senate) are in Olympia, unless leadership in both chambers determine they will move some priority bills that did not pass during the regular session but have a likely chance of passing. During the regular session, FAN was proud to be supportive and/or a part of the... More »
Justice at Shoreline: Priorities, Projects, People Last Updated on 2017-04-22 16:59:09   Shoreline UUC's Social Action Ministry (SAM) currently has four top priorities for addressing systemic social justice issues: To reduce economic inequality, especially by working to reform WA’s regressive state tax system, to secure living wages and protections from unjust treatment for all workers, to mend the shredded social safety net, and to invest in and to protect the common good. To work to establish environmental/green justice policies while preventing their economic burdens from falling on those least able to bear them. In particular, we will work for a carbon tax or for a state carbon emission reduction charge, with selective tax breaks or rebates to offset regressive tax effects. To promote not only fairness, tolerance, and respect, but active understanding, patience, and kindness for all, against all forms of oppressive bias -- including those based on... More »
Shoreline UUC Social Action Ministry Meets Saturday, May 13 Last Updated on 2017-04-22 16:57:39   The SUUC Social Action Ministry (SAM) will meet on Saturday, May 13, from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m., in Chrysalis. Attend this meeting to engage with fulfilling current projects and to plan important SUUC social, economic, and environmental justice activities in these challenging times. We organize volunteer service, major donation campaigns, legislative advocacy, adult education on social and environmental issues, public witness and protest actions. A current focus of high concern is immigration, including possible Refugee and Immigrant Sanctuary work.  Please contact SAM Co-chairs Jean Berolzheimer or Mark Smith if you have any questions or suggestions for the SAM to consider at this meeting. More »
Shoreline UUC Activists - Support Faith Action Network Legislative Summits in Yakima & Spokane in May Last Updated on 2017-04-22 16:50:02   Friends or relatives in central or eastern Washington?  Maybe they should go to one of Faith Action Network's Spring Summits in Yakima and Spokane in May. Maybe you should go meet them there to introduce them to advocacy by progressive faith communities! Yakima, May 7, 3-5 p.m. -- Englewood Christian Church, 511 N. 44th Avenue, Yakima Spokane, May 21, 3-5 p.m. -- West Central Episcopal Mission, 1832 W. Dean Ave., Spokane RSVP on FAN's website at http://fanwa.org/events-2/regional-spring-summits/ .  Vancouver and Seattle summits will be in June, but it is important to mobilize progressive support in central and eastern Washington for progressive legislation -- including a responsible budget supported by less regressive taxes, a solution to McCleary for K-12 education adequacy and equity, support for improving a woefully inadequate state mental health... More »
Shoreline UUC May 7 All Ages Volunteer Event at Mary's Place Cancelled. Last Updated on 2017-04-22 16:38:01 All Ages Volunteer Sunday at Mary's Place Cancelled for May. But We're On For June 4.   Because of the Seabeck Church Retreat, our May all-ages family volunteer afternoon at Mary's Place, normally scheduled after May 7 worship, is cancelled.   We'll be back on schedule with the next volunteer visit on June 4. Join us after church that Sunday for a couple hours of volunteering at Mary's Place North Shelter. Children, teens, adults, and elders can all contribute. Our tasks each month vary, but often include sorting and organizing donated items and spending time with resident kids. Contact Corinne at csherry@gmail.com if you have questions. More »