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When you put events on our new NWuuJN DRAFT Calendar, our staff is alerted. We edit your event to make it consistent with our format. Then, voila, we publish it on our website, usually within two days.


   Sign in to our calendar

See pic (note the Zero and numbers).

You should now see the NWuuJN DRAFT Calendar.

*G-MAIL users: Want to post to the DRAFT calendar from your own account?  Send a request to Sharon at We will send you rights and instructions.

   Create your event on the calendar

  • CLICK on the DAY/TIME for your event and then CLICK on the WHITE EDIT box.
    • NOTE: There is a CALENDAR Box that needs to say "NWuuJN Draft Calendar."  If it doesn't, simply click on the down arrow (at the end of the Calendar input box) and choose "NWuuJN Draft Calendar."
  • CLICK "SAVE" at the top.

   Request Notification or Additional Help (Optional)

  • Email Sharon at and request an email notification when your event is published to the official NWuuJN calendar. 
  • At the same time, you can request she include a flyer for download, make a live link, or publish a related article to our website.


  • Within two business days of your submission, the NWuuJN staff (usually Sharon Varosh) will edit each of your events so they will display on the appropriate calendars on our website.
  • Your events will also automatically be included in our Alerts & Events publications that come out via email every two to three weeks.


  • Complete information: Date, time, location, Description, etc. is required for all events we publicize.
  • Want to see what others will see? While this is only a draft, you can View Only (not edit) the NWuuJN Draft Calendar anytime to just view the details of events posted there.
  • There's a SAMPLE event on every Tuesday at 10:30 on the DRAFT calendar. Info on how to input your event and the format we prefer is included there. Don't worry about format, though; most important is  that we get YOUR best ideas of what is most important to say about your event. Our staff can adjust the format after you submit it.
  • Something Urgent? If you need your event posted sooner, please let us know (Sharon Varosh,, and DD Hilke,, and we’ll do our best to get it up soon.

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