2010-03-08 NWuuJN Minutes

December 30, 2011, 2:28 pm
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Action Items and Notes

Initial (3/8/10) Brainstorm for Connecting Regional UUs for Social Justice Issues.



Sorted ideas from our Brainstorm:




·         Connecting people with a common interest in shared action and impact.

·         When I take a stand, I not only take a stand as who I am, but also as who I am as UU.

·         Easy, effective ways to connect UUs with each other who know/want help and those who want to know/want to engage.

·         Create visibility for UU – UUs sponsoring – want to see our names out there; banners and such.  So people connect UUs with Peace and Justice, human rights, sustainability, blast our names.

·         UUs (including newcomers) can connect to and support UU action locally.

·         Collaboration across congregations.

·         Have our mission visible.

·         New (and old members) living their religion in all there SJ work.

·         A visible presence of UUs in action.

·         Not just us but everyone.

·         Being UUs in integrated action together in our local and regional communities.




·         At Eastshore, they have such a large number of people that they can do everything within their own congregation, but a smaller congregation is just too small.

·         People who want to engage aren’t hearing about events/issues.

·         Folks who might naturally support/work together, don’t find each other, except by chance.

·         Folks who know don’t have an easy way to inform those  who don’t.

·         Good ideas and good projects don’t spread.

·         Lots of untapped potential!

·         Folks feel limited (as well as burdened) by the focus of their own congregations’ SJ work.

·         New folks who want to get involved as UUs in the community don’t know where to begin.

·         New folks who want to know more about being a UU only have their congregation and UU World.

·         We work as individuals who also are UUs rather than feeling like we are working as UUs.

·         Those w/ knowledge or events that could make a difference don’t have an easy effective way to reach other UUs.

·         Right now people don’t find each other.

·         Sometimes congregational action is difficult; there are splits within congregations regarding what the best thing to do might be.  Connecting across UU congregations would provide a way for UUs to support each other.



WHAT might help:

·         Each congregation lists key people and their passions, then folks could connect.

·         A collective or consortium

·         Networking

·         A clearinghouse.

·         Take a stand as a UU for an issue.

·         A Listserve – Oh… then revitalize the existing PNWD Social Justice Listserve.

·         We can put on events together. Central news/information sources.

·         Web-based clearinghouse and event registry

·         Web information and dissemination sites.

·         When we send out our flyers/newsletters, we link to that information on a common website that includes other related events/info.

·         Biannual fairs/events

·         Tables at PNWD

·         If we work together we can become very visible.

·         We can put on events together.

·         We could use and promote a Process that clarifies projects and leads to success - Eastshore’s project sheet and minimum requirements (5 committed people)

·         Use PNWD to make sure we are reaching all congregations/UUs.

·         At UUA – Congregation for a wide fellowship, there is a social justice training workshops thing, maybe could be adapted for districts,

·         Local/regional actions/UU events



WHO might help or have info to help:

·         UUA?

·         UUSC?

·         PNWD  for lists of congregation and more (their focuson “congregation only” would need to be worked around)

·         Church of the larger fellowship helps people in outlying areas – how do they do it??? Check out the WEB. Use Church of the Wider Fellowship for connecting ideas and resources (web?)

·         Talk to the Quakers and others… what works for them..  They have a longtime dedication to peace..

·         Also… want to connect with other folks for other issues  e.g., other organizations…… would want

·         Washington UU voices for justice at the state level.

·         UUs for Just economic community (national level)



·         Individual churches can help…  Ministers’ can promote it.

·         Jacko tenHove (on Bainbridge, WA) is an example of seeding the ministries. (Barbara will)

·         Membership Committees  – new folks getting connected.

·         Dan is from Oregon (Ashland) – he will bring others’ from Oregon next time.

·         We need to reach everyone at some point.




·         You can accomplish a lot in an area if you get a critical mass of people together.  However… sustainability is an issue.  Have to narrow down to what you are capable of doing.

·         It’s easier to work with people you know; how do we make it easy to work when you haven’t met face to face?  This is where congregations do have an advantage.

·         Not everyone has easy access to computers/internet.

·         Privacy issues for folks participating on the Internet (home numbers, etc)

·         Need to address how we can make sure those not in Puget Sound area get connected, too.

·         The PNWD and UUA focus on congregations (e.g., congregational polity and congregation oriented connections/service).  The current structure limits the vitality of our movement; there is an as yet untapped potential in just being UUs in action in the community together…. Integrated action. Community based ministries believe/use this,  maybe that gives us a lever.  UUs need to change how we do things if we become a larger movement.



Beginnings of a plan:

·         We could use and promote a Process that clarifies projects and leads to success - Eastshore’s project sheet and minimum requirements (5 committed people).

·         This meeting over the phone is what we can do, right now; but we could think about SKYPE so we can see each other.

·         Continue this conversation – Make this call regular.

·         Get a few ideas going (perhaps from these below, that we discussed)

o   a mock-up of a multi-user, multi-topic, easy to use website

o   revitalize PNWD listerve for social justice.

o   registry of folks interests and contact info

– then advertise an event to talk about connecting… show folks how to use it.  Set up home stays, if needed.

·         Gathering of social justice minds in an event/retreat (Edmonds would like to organize/host), to connect, meet face to face, advocate, advertise, trade info and interests and support. (Like PNWD Religious Education used to do.)  Include…

o   How we might connect

o   What we are up to.

o   Etc.



Quick (incomplete) list of issues that folks could connect around



·         Ethical eating

·         Peace

·         Tax equity

·         Clean elections (public financing)

·         Financial regulation/Wall street

·         Sustainability

·         Equal marriage

·         GLBT

·         Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

·         Education pre enlistment

·         Veterans advocacy

·         Empower young people to be talking w/ one another

·         Youth presence

·         Homelessness

·         Poverty

·         Health

·         Water

·         Death w dignity

·         Death penalty

·         Climate justice

·         Committees of Conscience

·         Social justice

·         Social concerns



Who we are:



·         Dick Burkhart – (Rainier Valley UU congregation) – near Seattle

·         Cindy Creager (Edmonds UU)  – near Seattle

·         Daniel Guy  -  Rogue Valley, in Oregon,

·         D. D. Hilke (Woodinville UU)  – near Seattle

·         John Hilke (Woodinville UU)  – near Seattle

·         Barbara Powers (Edmonds UU)  – near Seattle

·         Doug Mackey –(Olympia Unitarian congregation



Action Items:




·         Join us Monday, April 5 at 9:05 pm – Dial 1-218-844-3366; pass code 887#

·         Discuss our ideas with folks/orgs you know;  bring ideas (and people) to the group as appropriate.



   Dan Guy:

·         Discuss this idea with other folks from Oregon.In Process

·         Bring some new (Oregon) folks to the group.In Process



   D. D. Hilke:

·         Send out group list and contact info. DONE

·         Send out notes for 3/08/10 call.  DONE

·         Send out subscribe info to group for PNWD Social Justice Listserve. DONE

·         Send notice of our work to PNWD Social Justice Listserve. DONE

·         Develop a mockup website for connection and invite review by group. (Doug to help) In Process



   Doug Mackey: 

·         Send out information to folks re:

o   Memorial to Life DONE

o   Afghan Youth for Peace event.  DONE

·         Assist DD with Website mockup.



   Barbara Powers:

·         Discuss idea with Jacko Tenhov; how can ministers support this effort. In Process



(Previously titled 2010-03-08 Minutes - Social Action Organizing Call)



Hilke, D. (2011). 2010-03-08 NWuuJN Minutes. Retrieved from http://www.nwuujn.org/view/news/145559


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