2010-04-05 - NWUUJN Minutes

December 30, 2011, 2:13 pm
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HIGHLIGHTS OF THE APRIL 5 MEETING (full minutes are here)


·         3 new participants were introduced to the group: Mark Alter (Oregon), Dick Jacke (Bellevue), Tandi Koerger (PNWD Programs)

·         Energetic discussion was focused on a web-based “clearinghouse” to support ongoing collaboration by UU activists as well as to enable nimble responses to emergent issues.  Desired is a clearinghouse that:

o   Eases the need to advertise the same event in multiple venues.

o   Provides topic-centered publishing of events, event detail, issue research, model policies/procedures, issue articles, group news, etc.

o   Supports commenting and conversation around these topics.

o   Links to UUA and other resources.

o   Has listings of all PNWD congregations and (member-only) contact links for  point persons in these congregations.

o   Has a privacy-friendly mechanism for regional UUs to find other individual UUs involved in the same action issues.


·         Continued exploration of how leadership will emerge for this initiative.  Varied perspectives were aired:

o   Leadership in this has to come from the larger congregations… If the larger congregations can at least coalesce then we can help to find the smaller congregations.”

o   “The promise of this project will lie in some of the smaller congregations…  If the small congregations don’t do it, it won’t be much of a success.  It is the smaller congregations who have the greatest need/motivation to connect.”

o   Tandi (PNWD Programs) joined the call to provide PNWD (or request UUA) support as appropriate and needed.    She suggested various possibilities that ranged from UUA IT support for a prototype clearinghouse, to event speakers, to online data already available.


·         Sample website for clearinghouse is now up.  Find it here.  Full multi-author access begins at $20/month.  Current site is free w/ one author allowed. Become a member here (that's free). Learn more about what these sites offer here and here.



·         D2 – To get invitations out to the group for membership in the prototype website. 

·         D2 – To do additional thinking regarding a clearinghouse, pulling together some of the objectives we have discussed and possibly developing a sample survey.

·         Barbara – To send Jaco ten Hov’s inspiring sermon on "Solidarity" to this group.

·         Barbara – To let Jaco know that his name came up, etc.

·         John – To contact Jaco ten Hov to get permission to post the sermon on the website and regarding ideas he might have for our efforts.

·         Mark – To read the sermon and comment back to the group. 

·         Everyone – To read Jaco ten Hov’s sermon as you feel so moved.

·         Everyone – To share with the group any events/plans from your congregation that bear on our work, together.


Our next phone meeting for

Connecting UUs for Social Justice

is scheduled for

Monday, May 3 at 9:05 pm.

Dial 1-218-844-3366

Access code 887#

 as before.


Detailed Minutes from our April 5 meeting are posted online here.


(Previously titled NWUUJN - Social Action Call - Highlights)



Hilke, D. (2011). 2010-04-05 - NWUUJN Minutes . Retrieved from http://www.nwuujn.org/view/news/145913


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