2010-06-07 NWuuJN Minutes

December 30, 2011, 2:31 pm
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Notes from our June 7 call:



·         CRITERIA FOR DEDICATED OFFERINGS:  At Libby Robert’s suggestion, we shared our experiences with dedicated church offerings and, in particular, how congregations selected recipients. 

1.       ACTIONEveryone who has written criteria or guidelines for dedicated offerings: Please email guidelines to Libby with cc to all on this list.

·         OUR DRAFT SURVEY:  We reviewed the purpose of our draft questionnaire as well as considered how to craft an effective instrument. 

1.       Our purpose: to help UUs that are engaged in advocacy and activism find fellow UUs with common passions (both within and between congregations in our region).

2.       Improving the survey:  Restructure the survey so that folks only have to go through “the list” once.  For next draft, make the “the list” of activism/advocacy areas more comprehensive.  Replace question 4 with a simpler question regarding preferred styles of pursuing your passions (e.g., letter writing, donating $, petitions, public witness, etc.)

3.       ACTIONEveryone to review the existing “list” (see question 3 at this link: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dGpXRVZqY1lUSDh5QnlmeXhrLXhkREE6MA and send suggested changes/additions to D2 Hilke by July 12.

4.       ACTIOND2 Hilke to create a second draft survey by Monday, July 26.

5.       ACTIONEveryone to tryout and review the second draft survey prior to our next meeting on Monday, August 2.

·         GETTING DIGITALLY CONNECTED:  We continued our ongoing discussion of how best to get UUs digitally connected.  The UUA recently announced that it was digitizing its directory (no more printed version) and the UUA requested input from UUs on desired features.  Our group realized that we may not be up to date on what the UUA or the PNWD might be planning for their digitized directories.  Conversation noted that efforts to mobilize UUs across congregations are currently hampered by difficulties in identifying appropriate contact persons; having a digital director of committee leaders would go a long way towards helping this issue.

1.       ACTIONDick Jacke to investigate progress on UUA digitized directory and, specifically inqure if the UUA or PNWD are planning to have digital access to committee chair names/emails/phones.  DD offered to assist as needed.

·         5th PRINCIPLE TASK FORCE: Dick Jacke briefed the group on the 5th Principle Task Force and on developing implications of that work for the future structure of General Assembly meetings, as well as the potential impact of this initiative on UU Statements of Conscience, Public Witness, lobbying and other Social Justice work at the national level.  

1.       ACTIONDick Jacke to send related link(s) to the group for those who want more information.

·         AN ISSUE OF THE YEAR?: This month, Barbara Powers will be going to see the Fellowship of Reconciliation for Western Washington as they select a common effort.  Barbara imagined a time when UUs in our region might band together to address one issue for a year.  Although there was not time for discussion, it sounded like several folks thought this was an idea with merit.

·         TAX EQUITY:  Dick Burkhart reminded us all of Washington Initiative 1098, an exciting economic justice opportunity.  Signatures are being gathered now.  This kind of an initiative would be a great rallying point for WA UUs. 

1.       ACTIONDick Burkhart to send info on 1098 to the group, ASAP.




           ATTENDANCE – Joining the call:


1.       Emmet Band from Grants Pass in Oregon. 

2.       Dick Burkhart

3.       D. D. Hilke

4.       John Hilke

5.       Daniel Guy

6.       Dick Jacke

7.       Barbara Powers

8.       Libby Roberts


Our next phone meeting for

Connecting UUs for Social Justice

is scheduled for


Monday, August 2 at 9:05 pm.

Dial 1-218-844-3366

Access code 887#


(Previously titled 2010-06-07 - Social Action Call - Minutes)



Hilke, D. (2011). 2010-06-07 NWuuJN Minutes. Retrieved from http://www.nwuujn.org/view/news/147724


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