2010-05-03 NWuuJN Minutes

December 30, 2011, 2:22 pm
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Brief notes from May 3, 2010 call:


·         We “got real” regarding what’s working and not working to currently disseminate event information to Social Activists in our area.  Active recruiting of representatives from each congregation in the PNWD was an idea that emerged as worthy of additional consideration.  Some recruits might be simply a part of a social activist’s “phone tree” of connection, while all would be welcome to join our network leadership.

·         We discussed issues of representation, dialogue and action that may emerge for UU activists, given the forthcoming restructuring of the UU General Assembly (this is an issue that is now on next month’s agenda).

·         We undertook some meaty exploration of how to use both our website and to create a survey to find folks with common interests and connect them (also on our next agenda).

·         We began considering what priorities and deadlines we might want to set and how soon (also on the agenda for next time).



Note – It’s a busy month for me, so better minutes than the above will be tardy and/or non-existent, this month.



Action items coming out of last night’s meeting included:

·         D2 HILKE: to provide a link on our website to a sample survey of activist interests that she and John are developing at WUUC (Woodinville).  DONE

·         EVERYONE: to “take” the survey and provide comments on how we could develop a survey that would work for more congregations and across congregations.  You can find the Survey link and additional information on the NW Activists Network ARTICLES page here.

·         EVERYONE: Think about what next steps will power the effectiveness of our group.  Shall we meet face-to-face (in person, at events, at GA, on Skype?); what do we want to have done by when?

·         LIBBY ROBERTS: to disseminate information to our group on the MOVE-ON event related to corporate lobbying that is happening on Whidbey Island this coming Thursday.

·         D2 Hilke: To disseminate information on the UUSC/EastShore/Edmonds/University weekend mega-program Peacemaking Through Dialogue ; this info to get to WUUC, PNWD Social Action Listserve and on our website here. (FYI – the Calendar on that web-page DOES NOT reflect correct end-times; click on the individual event links featured or in the calendar to get the correct end-times.  Most events are 2-3 hours.)  DONE



Have a great month.  AND visit our website and leave comments!


Our next phone meeting for

Connecting UUs for Social Justice

is scheduled for



Monday, June 7 at 9:05 pm.

Dial 1-218-844-3366

Access code 887#



(Previously titled 2010-05-03 - Social Action Call - Minutes)



Hilke, D. (2011). 2010-05-03 NWuuJN Minutes. Retrieved from http://www.nwuujn.org/view/news/147725


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