2010-09-13 NWuuJN Minutes

December 30, 2011, 2:33 pm
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Highlights and Actions Items from our September 13, 2010 call:

  • Welcome new member – Ellen Squillace (ellensquillace@yahoo.com ) from Edmonds UU
  • Mark your calendars – Coming Events of Interest
    • ACTION ITEM – ALL members who have info on events are to disseminate further information as it becomes available.
    • Edmonds Immigration Forums – 10/2/10; 2/12/10; 5/14/10 
    • Edmonds – ‘350’ follow-up event – October 18th service – Eating sustainably
    • UU Voices to support passage of WA Bill 1098 for tax equity.
    • UU Voices has a voters’ guide for WA UUs – see below this email (I expect this will only be legible if you are receiving this email in html format).
    • University Unitarian Church – Immigration events on 10/31/10 and 11/6/10.
    • University Unitarian Church – Water Rights on 9/25/10 – rights led by Patricia Jones
    • University Unitarian Church – Social Issues – 9/26/10 – Bill Shultz.
  • Congregation and Regional Survey Project to Connect UUs for Social Action.
    • Woodinville UU Church to pilot the survey this fall.
    • ACTION ITEM: ALL members to ask their congregations if they would be interested in piloting the survey.
    • In reviewing the survey:
      • Discussed the possibility of refocusing the survey on degree of interest and/or on the style of activism (letter writing, public witness, education, etc.) rather than degree of connectedness desired.
      • Folks also saw value in looking at interest areas and connectedness.
      • Folks saw value in using other means than surveying (and/or changing its name), and of layering the way that we seek information.
      • A layered approach was proposed: The initial survey to mine for areas of interest and the degree that folks are interested in being connected at various levels (something like the current survey); then as folks get together to jointly pursue that interest area, they can explore (by discussion or survey or…) folks’ degree and style of involvement.
    • ACTION ITEM – D2 to incorporate suggestions and propose a new draft.
  • Ways to get the word out to UUs about our events, etc.
    • Hands-on flyers; Weekly e-updates; Social Justice email lists (generate by signup sheet at every event).
    • UUA has several listserves and a revamped Social Justice Page; also PNWD listserve.
  • On supporting our own work:
    • Move to review and possibly change the day of our monthly calls:
    • Group desires a Seattle regional face-to-face meeting twice a year. Downtown Seattle preferred to facilitate public transit use. ACTION – ALL to send your suggested events/dates to the group.


(Previously titled 2010-09-13 - Social Action Call - Minutes)



Hilke, D. (2011). 2010-09-13 NWuuJN Minutes. Retrieved from http://www.nwuujn.org/view/news/159579


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