2010-11-01 NWuuJN Minutes

December 30, 2011, 1:55 pm
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NW UU Activists - Nov 1, 2010




Monday, December 6 at 9:05 pm.

Dial 1-218-844-3366

Access code 887#




·         Dick Burkhart

·         D. D. Hilke, Woodinville

·         John Hilke, Woodinville

·         Dick Jacke, East Shore

·         Libby Roberts, Whidbey Island

·         Barbara Powers, Edmonds






Decision:  To succeed, our network will need to have multiple ways of communicating with network participants and leadership:  Those on the call spent several minutes reviewing some of the short- and long-term successes and failures of education and social justice networks that have arisen in our area over the past couple of decades.  We also discussed the benefits and challenges associated with various types of communication from traditional newsletters, to list serves, to face-to-face meetings, etc.   While this discussion might have frustrated us, instead it inspired us to recommit to who are and to take action to create a network that works. 



Decision – Those of us on the call reaffirmed our intention to develop a thriving network of UU Activists throughout the Pacific Northwest and the PNWD.   



Decision – We will contact and enlist other congregational leaders and activists to expand our network.  Those of us on the call decided to begin enlisting the advice and support of individuals and congregations not currently involved.   As those of us on the call were largely from the Puget Sound area, we decided to begin with phone calls to congregations in the Puget Sound area, and then work our way to congregations further afield.  Preliminary discussion regarding the content and execution of these calls revealed a need for additional preparation and actions.



Action items:  Develop a Name/Charter for “NW UU Activists,” so that when we call, all of us are describing our organization and its network the same way:

·         By the 14th of November, Dick Jacke will develop a draft charter for our group and disseminate it to our group for review.

·         Everyone is to respond-to-all within 3 days with edits/suggestions/concerns. 

·         Dick Jacke and John Hilke will prepare a second draft and disseminate the new draft prior to our next meeting.

·         Our goal is to approve our name and charter on our before our next meeting.  



Action item:  Coordinate the calling of the leaders/congregations we wish to enlist. 

·         Barbara Powers will by November 14thdevelop a list of the greater Puget Sound area UU congregations and assign 3 or 4 churches to each of the participants on tonight’s call.



Action item:  Develop sufficient preliminary ideas for a NW UU Activists retreat that callers can discuss ideas and possible dates with the congregational leaders we contact.

·         Barbara Powers has offered Edmonds UU as the site for such a retreat and will develop preliminary ideas between now and our next meeting.

·         Everyone please send your ideas to Barbara as soon as possible.



Action item:  Test drive our online form,  “tell-us-your-justice-passions-and-we’ll-help-you-connect,” so that this tool can be a real possibility for use by congregations that we are contacting. 

·         The Woodinville (WUUC) Advocates for Social Justice approved its version of the online form at its October 3rd meeting.

·         WUUC went live with the survey, Nov 1, the day of this call.

·         There is an article on our website about the survey here.

·         Libby Roberts will recommend the survey to her congregation in Whidbey Island sometime after November 15, subject to some initial positive feedback regarding Woodinville’s experience.

·         Everyone can try the survey at this link:


·         D. D. Hilke will monitor participation/problems/data and report to Libby Roberts on both the process and progress during the month of November.

·         D. D. Hilke will report preliminary findings to the group at our December meeting.




·         This Saturday, November 6, 9:30 to 3:30 at Olympia UU Congregation, UU Voices for Justice Annual Annual Legislative Conference.  Carpool offers from Dick Burkhart and the Hilkes.

·         This Saturday, November 6 at 6:00 pm at University Church – Previewing the film Abused.  

·         Sunday, November 14, Whidbey Island is having a service on Immigration Rights led by Diane Aid.

·         January 21-23, 2011 at First Universalist Church of Denver – Two day multigenerational workshop on Building Beloved Community: Social Change in a Multicultural World.


(Previously titled 2010-11-01 - Social Action Call - Minutes)



Hilke, D. (2011). 2010-11-01 NWuuJN Minutes. Retrieved from http://www.nwuujn.org/view/news/160176


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