2011-03-07 NWuuJN Minutes

December 30, 2011, 2:05 pm
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In attendance: Dick Burkhart, D. D. Hilke; John Hilke; Dick Jacke, Barbara Powers

Regrets: Doug Mackay



The NW UU Activists’ planning team convened on Monday, March 7, 2011 in person with the stated intentions to:



Meet each other in person And we did!



Finalize a working charter for the nascent NW UU Activists Network.

·         The group adopted the following mission, sound-bite, and the attached charter, as official working documents of the group. 

·         The group anticipates use of these documents in the next few months as we contact regional UU congregational (justice) leaders s to get their help and guidance in developing a Network that meets UU needs in our region.



“Who we are” Sound-bite for the NW UU Activists Network

The Northwest UU Activists Network is a growing group of Pacific Northwest UUs who believe we can do more to create a just and sustainable world when we connect and work with each other locally and regionally.



Mission of NW UU Activists Network

To further the sustainable growth and positive impact of UU social, economic, and environmental justice work, as well as the ability of Unitarian Universalists in the region to undertake their justice work as an expression of their UU values and in collaboration with other UUs.



Charter (click here)



Take on the role of Organization Builders for the NW UU Activists Network.

·         The group declared themselves (inclusive of those unable to attend) as the builders of the organization that would be needed in order to develop and sustain the UU Activists Network that is envisioned in the charter. 

·         The group declared vacancies on this founding/planning “builder” team and anticipated that as we worked with regional UUs to fine-tune our vision and undertake our organization-building work, our group of core “builders” would grow as would the age diversity, cultural diversity and expertise diversity of our group in order to better meet the needs of the organization.

·         The group spent considerable time defining what success would look like; i.e., how we as builders would know that the network was developing in appropriate directions.  Detailed notes from this visioning can be found at the end of this email under What success looks like.



Identify the major tasks before us in the coming year.



·         Network Development (people/issues clusters) and Network Services/Program Development

o   Intention – We will introduce our vision to area UU Activists and get their feedback, support, and assistance to build the Network and its programs/services.

o   How – We will do this face-to-face, after preliminary identification of congregational contacts.

§  We will Introduce our broad vision; our sound-bite and charter will be helpful in this.

§  ACTION ITEM:   Barbara is handling preliminary contacts to identify folks to talk to.

§  ACTION ITEM:   Barbara has an email/letter that she can use when phone contact is not possible.

§  Commitment:  All agreed to participate in visiting congregations.

§  Work to complete: Nail down more precisely:

1.       what/when we will do to execute these visits;

2.       what we are offering to the people/congregations we are visiting

3.       what we are asking for.

o   What – What are the products/opportunities that we can offer these area UU justice activist leaders that will interest and serve them and their activists? 

§  A chance to shape how this vision get’s implemented – AND, we will ask them to help us build it.

§  They can have access to an immediately useful tool – a Matrix/Census of justice programs that are in operation by UU congregations in our area.

1.       Ask for feedback on this idea.

2.       Will they participate?

3.       Chance to coordinate, involve, get the word out, share expertise, do more.

§  We are developing an UU Activists Network website –

1.       Structured for access from many perspectives: See brainstorm on this at end of email.

2.       Work to complete: Nail down the plan to create website.

3.       ACTION ITEM:   Decide whether Ning or Trunity or some other publishing/social media platform is the best place to host the network member site.  D2 to meet with Chuck Parish of East Shore if he is interested.  Dick Jacke to make introductions.

§  They are invited to a Fall UU Justice Summit 2011 for area UU activists.

1.       ACTION ITEM:   Barbara will look for available October dates at Edmonds, assuming they will host.

2.       Saturday Summit: 9-3 with programming from 10-3;

3.       Includes opportunity for sharing of justice passions and justice work by area UUs.

4.       For NW UU Activists Network – provides feedback/input/organizing re: website, issue clusters, NW UU Activists itself.

5.       Open Space time (9 to 10?; lunch?; all day?)

§  We have an In-congregation survey of individual’s justice interests that they can use (with the potential individuals to ultimately connect to NW UU Activists Issue Clusters if they desire.)

1.       DD has a prototype survey instrument available


·         Recruit and activate Issue Clusters (i.e., folks networking around an issue).

o   Work to complete: Prototype this idea with 1 to 3 issues to see what works and what doesn’t with process, execution and perception of added value of the network and website.

o   Activists within a cluster would manage a one-Issue website that is within the greater Network website; it would have all the bells and whistles of the mother site. .

o   Work to complete:  Clusters and cluster leaders to be identified and recruited.

o   Work to complete:  WHAT ARE THE CRITERIA FOR PICKING AN ISSUE THAT BECOMES A PROTOTYPE CLUSTER (look for strength in many areas: importance; action: people already active and desiring a site, etc.)



·         Organization Building – What needs to be done in the next 15 months to ensure the Network develops and thrives?

o   Charter/Mission to be finalized – DONE!

o   Leadership structure and leaders to be put in place

o   Determine type of organization

§  Nonprofit?

§  Child of other UU organization? (WA UU Voices; Congregation?; other UU?; non UU?)

§  Committee or cluster of PNWD? (unlikely as they have congregational focus)

o   Define and recruit membership. 

§  What does it mean to be a member?

§  How do you become one?

o   Develop positive and supportive relationships with other organizations


§  UUA, UUSC and all UU justice organizations

§  WA UU Voices

§  Other Justice groups in WA and elsewhere

§  Other, similar networks.

o   Develop policies as needed.

o   Address issues of long-term sustainability (and leadership succession).

§  How do we get this network to go viral?

§  How do we have the network be self growing/sustaining?

§  Will we need financial support?  How?  Grants? Member fees?

§  Will we need staff or contractors? When?

o   Ensure technological and network expertise on leadership team and in membership.




MORE DETAILS ON:  What Success Looks like

·         The activism of UUs in our region will:

o   be more consciously UU and faith/principle based.

o   be characterized by quick mobilization around emergent issues to educate, plan, and act.

o   be smart, efficient, responsive and effective, both within UU congregations and in the broader community.

o   leverage individual and collective work to achieve more for society

·         People will:

o   want to connect

o   be glad they connected

o   benefit from connecting and

o   tell others to connect to the Network.

·         UU activists will feel

o   productively connected to other UU activists – learning from and helping each other.

o   less lonely.

o   like everything just got easier.

o   that they can now do more!

o   energized.

·         NW UU Activists Network will

o   exist.

o   be seen as a developing and effective tool for effective UU justice work in our region.

o   have a reputation that clearly aligns with its mission and charter and UU values

o   be recognized as a way to get connected to and to be informed about issues that matter to UUs.

o   be well known to and used by at least half of the Puget Sound congregations and have members throughout the State and/or PNWD.

o   be recognized by the PNWD as an appropriate, developing and important part of UU programming in our region.

o   be growing in membership

o   be viral in its growth; self feeding in membership, action, program, impact.

o   be emerging as such a great idea that:

§  The PNWD will be a proud supporter and ally.

§  UUA World will feature us.

§  the Quakers will ask us how we did that.

§  So will the UUA and the UUSC.

§  The Seattle Times will ask for an interview

·         The Leadership of NW UU Activists:

o   will be a model of UUs and UU principles in action, as well as of

o   transparency,

o   agility,

o   efficiency

o   and effectiveness.






Monday, April  4

7:00 to 9:00 pm

In the Library (ground floor of 2 story Education Building)

East Shore Unitarian Church

12700 SE 32nd Street, Bellevue, WA

Directions: http://www.eastshoreunitarian.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=46&Itemid=85.


Please contact D. D. Hilke (d2athome@comcast.net) if you have a scheduling conflict with our next meeting or need us to provide conference call capability.


More Details on: Website brainstorming

·         Website to have multiple entry points through which you can search and the articles, or events or issue cluster that you are searching for; people to be able to find what they are looking for by searching:

o   Information on each congregation’s justice programs,

o   Issues and sub-Issues (e.g., human rights, peace and war, environmental justice, etc.)

o   Calendar of regional events.

o   Location (geo filter)

o   Age Groups (perhaps; not immediate priorty?)

o   Network resources and (appropriately secured) contact information.

·         Website to be easy to use for the casual browser, new member, and, with a minimum of training, those contributing information or events.

·         For example: Website to have simple to use WYSWG (What You See Is What You Get) editing.

·         Website to support pictures, video, and music as well as text.

·         Website to have publishing roles that can be designated for members  that will allow for differentiating rights to comment, contribute articles, pictures, events, etc., edit with access to past versions, publish (i.e., the going live of contributed content), change the structure of the site (add new topic areas, for example).

·         Website to support both the featuring and sunsetting of articles.

·         Website to support  RSS feeds  to members at their request.

·         Website to support emails to members.

·         Website to be very cheap.

·         Website content to be largely in the hands of contributing members as authorized by issue leads.



·         ALL:  Review our new charter to ensure it correctly captures our current vision for NW UU Activists.

·         ALL: Review the minutes, below, to ensure we have captured the essence of the significant progress made at our last meeting.

·         Barbara Powers:  Continue your good work to identify area UUs in justice leadership positions at local congregations. Make preliminary / introductory phone calls / emails, as needed to enlist help in finding the folks with whom representatives from NW UU Activists can meet to discuss our vision/plan and to receive feedback.

·         Barbara Powers:  Determine what dates are available in October2011 for Edmonds and the Network to host the Network’s Justice Summit.

·         Dick Jacke:  Contact Chuck Parish of East Shore to determine his interest in helping NW UU Activist Network in choosing (and perhaps setting up) a platform for the network website.  Execute e-introductions between Chuck Parish and D.D. Hilke, assuming Chuck is interested in assisting the Network.

·         D. D. Hilke:  Further investigate the advantages of Ning vs. Trunity as a host platform for the NW UU Activists Network website.  Meet with Chuck Parish if possible for his assistance.

·         DD Hilke: Prepare and disseminate minutes from this meeting.


(Previously titled 2011-03-07 NW Activists Network - Minutes)




Hilke, D. (2011). 2011-03-07 NWuuJN Minutes. Retrieved from http://www.nwuujn.org/view/news/164675


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