2011-06-06 NWuuJN Minutes

December 30, 2011, 2:04 pm
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The agenda for the meeting centered on preparations for the Northwest UU Justice Summit to be held at Edmonds UU  on Saturday, October 22nd next fall.

Tour of the Facility:

·         Attendees began the meeting by touring Edmonds UU Church, the host site for next fall’s summit.  The following assets were identified.

o   One floor, accessible design with convenient parking.

o   Views and doors to the outside from the sanctuary will allow us to take advantage of good weather, if/as available and to provide for safe egress in the event of an emergency.

o   The sanctuary space is highly flexible for lecture format programs and/or for small table-format sessions; this space is also food friendly.

o   The lobby area between the entrance hallway, sanctuary, kitchen and education/office wing is convenient and large enough to host several exhibit tables for sponsors and/or small group open-space activities.

o    Overall, an excellent, flexible space for the summit.

Summit Sponsorship: 

·         Sponsorship of the Summit can be a vehicle to increase engagement with and support for the summit and its planning efforts.  Sponsorship has the following benefits/requirements for the sponsoring organization:  sponsoring organizations..

o   will be listed as a sponsor in marketing, program and summary materials. 

o   will be invited to participate on the leadership/planning team for the event; the organization may accept or decline this offer.

o   will identify a contact person to receive planning updates and marketing materials. 

o   will commit to sending at least two representatives to the summit (one if out of state).

o   will disseminate information on the summit to its own congregation/organization and its regional friends before and after the summit. 

o   will consider being a financial supporter of the summit.  (It is not a requirement that sponsors provide funds in support of the summit, but a small donation would help the program committee keep participation fees down.  Sponsors may also allow folks who donate to this event to do so through a donation to their church, so that such donors can get the tax deduction for those expenses.)

·         The following have signed on as sponsors for the Summit:

o   Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Church (Hosting)

o   Northwest UU Justice Network (Facilitating)

o   Unitarian Universalist Church of Whidbey Island

o   Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community

o   Washington UU Voices for Justice

o   Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church

·         The following organizations are being targeted for sponsorship

o   ACTION ITEM: Dick Burkhart. will work towards a commitment from the Church of the Larger Fellowship.

o   ACTION ITEM: DD Hilke will work towards a commitment from the PNWD.

o   ACTION ITEM: Dick Jacke will work towards a commitment from East Shore UU.

o   ACTION ITEM: Doug Mackey will work towards a commitment from Olympia UU.

o   More sponsors are welcome…. Ideas?



Summit Marketing  

Barbara Powers and Cindy Creager have developed an Introductory Letter and Save-the-Date announcement that will be disseminated to sponsoring organizations, regional justice leaders, ministers, and church administrators this month.  Newsletter templates and additional information will be sent monthly starting in August.  

·         Action Item: Barbara Powers will complete updating her initial contact list this month and DD Hilke will enter same into the Network contact database.

·         Action Item: Barbara Powers and Cindy Creager will finalize marketing materials this month for dissemination in both June and August.

·         Note: In accordance with earlier policy decisions by the Network’s founders, this contact list will not be shared with other organizations without permission from Network members.  Organizations may request that the Network post or disseminate information to its members.


Summit Program Planning:

Last month’s (May 2) meeting had envisioned several program components as part of the summit.  Follow-up actions from that meeting had involved researching speakers and potential panelists.  To focus the discussion at tonight’s meeting, DD Hilke presented a “straw program” format that incorporated the ideas previously discussed into a sample timeline for the day.  What follows is an overview of that program schedule along with a description of the proposed session and action items that came out of tonight’s discussion.  Since most of the afternoon portions of the program schedule were not discussed, they are included below as tentative, pending further review and discussion.   

·         Registration and breakfast – 7:00 to 9:00 a.m.

o   MRP (Most Responsible Person):  TBD

·         Pre-summit Program – 7:30 to 8:45 a.m.

o   MRP: Doug Mackey, Olympia UUC.

o   What: Participants have an opportunity to participate on an international call with youth from the Middle East.

o   Why: A potentially transformational experience: giving a human face to a distant conflict, providing first hand information, challenging untested assumptions and inviting us all to broaden and deepen our experience of the human family.  An example of collaborative justice work.

o   Logistics: Needs a good 'Ethernet cable' internet connection; also electricity, comfort, and a reasonably quiet space.

o   Other Comments:

§  this is being scheduled in the morning to support the participation by youth in Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, etc.;

§  this is a “pre-summit” program since it is narrowly focused on one justice area and all other summit programs are focused on multiple areas.

§  It is unlikely that we will have UU youth from our region physically present at our summit as there is a UU youth con that weekend.  We will work to avoid such conflicts in future years.

o   ACTION ITEM:  Doug Mackey (OUUC) to take responsibility for developing and executing this part of the program.

·         Opening &Welcome – 9:00 to 9:15

o   MRP: Edmonds UU Church

o   What:

§  Chalice Lighting and Opening Song (5 minutes)

§  Welcome and logistics (5 minutes)

§  Sponsor recognition / inspiration (5 minutes)

o   Why:  Develop a sense of UU community /place / purpose; Be welcomed, inspired and oriented.

o   Logistics: Takes place in sanctuary; formal atmosphere.

o   ACTION ITEM: Barbara Powers and/or Cindy Creager to take responsibility for developing and executing this part of the program

·         Ministerial Inspiration – 9:15 a.m. to 9:30

o   Who:  Eric Kaminetzky, Minister, Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Church.

o   What: TBD – something inspiring, transformational, relevant, important; something that reveals the power and opportunity for those in the room to do important UU work this day and beyond; Not focused on one issue, need, or area but broad enough to capture in its umbrella of inspiration all justice issue areas.

o   Why: TBD – (ideas follow) Sets up the day.  We want folks to leave transformed.  “Folks (will discover that they) can be involved at a scale they didn’t imagine,” said Dick Burkhart.  Ensuring that our work this day is grounded and inspired by UU principles and powered by each participant’s identity as a UU.  Pulling participants out of their everyday worlds and into the desire and opportunity to do more to bring justice to the world by working together as UUs.

o   ACTION ITEM: Cindy Creager and Barbara Power will confirm Eric’s availability and interest in providing this inspirational ‘key note,’ and inquire as to what else he needs to prepare and execute.

·         BREAK 9:30 – 9:40

·         Regional UU Collaborations for Justice - From Economic Justice to Immigration to the Middle East  9:45 – 11:00

o   MRP:  TBD (Likely one of the MRPs overseeing a presentation, below)

o   What: Presentations about three justice issues, about how NW UUs have been working in these areas; how collaborations across congregations have supported (or challenged) that work.

§  5 minutes of introduction


§  20 minutes on Economic Justice (15 + 5 QA)

ü  MRP: Dick Burkhart

ü  Participants: TBD

ü  Overview: TBD

§  20 minutes on Immigration (15 + 5 QA)


ü  Participants: TBD; includes Frances Tanaka (OUUC).

ü  Overview: TBD

§  20 minutes on Peace (15 + 5 QA)

ü  MRP: East Shore Peace Ministry Team

ü  Participants: TBD

ü  Overview: TBD

§  10 minutes for final questions

o   ACTION ITEM: Dick Burkhart, Dick Jacke, and  Doug Mackey to further flesh out and finalizeMRP and presenter(s) for presentations and to coordinate this session.

·         BREAK 11:00 – 11:10

·         How can we make our justice work easier and more impactful?   11:15 – noon 

Note – this part of the program has not been discussed/finalized

o   MRP: TBD (DD Hilke is willing; anyone else?)

o   What: Facilitated session; Summit participants consider & identify what we could be put in place to support easier, more effective justice efforts in our region.

o   Why:  The prior session aims to inspire summit participants with what we can accomplish when we work together on Justice issues.  Many summit participants may feel caught between a desire to do more and the reality that they already feel over-committed.  The purpose of this session is to collaboratively identify these barriers to joyful and impactful service, and explore existing or imagined resources (and ways of working) that can expand our capacity to do more, more easily and to greater effect.

o   ACTION ITEM: Summit program planning team to review this and other pending program elements on or before the next meeting July 11.  Team members unable to attend the meeting should communicate their thoughts to the group prior to the meeting.

·         BREAK Noon – 12:10  

·         Lunch, Poster Session, Informal Networking  12:15 to 1:15

Note – this part of the program has had preliminary but incomplete development by the planning team.

o   MRP for Lunch: TBD

o   MRP for Poster Session: TBD

o   What:

§  Easy to cook/eat lunch is available

§  Poster/exhibits/activities are available in the area outside (and possibly inside) the sanctuary and serve to identify available resources to support for UU justice work in our area.  Many of these ‘tables’ are staffed.  Many have some sort of take-away for participants.

ü  NW UU Justice Network

a)      prototype website (MRP: DD Hilke)

b)      NW Justice Programs – Posters of what’s happening at some of our area congregations (EUUC, OUUC, WUUC, etc. ).  This poster presentation also highlights the Network’s Congregational Program Matrix that will be used to help congregations share this information with participating congregations across the region. (MRP: TBD)

c)       Issue clusters in action – sign up to start/lead/join one. (MRP: TBD)

d)      Option for interest survey in your congregation (MRP: TBD)

e)      Join us!

ü  Washington State UU Voices for Justice (MRP: TBD)

a)      Org mission, priorities, etc.

b)      Annual conference on Nov 12, 2011.

c)       Join.


ü  UUJEC (MRP – Dick Burkhart)

ü  Interweave? TBD

ü  The backbone campaign? and/or could we have an activity/sculpture/puzzle that we all add to at this and other breaks and then take a piece of this collaborative work home with each of us?

o   Why:  Some of the resources identified in the prior session will already be existing, under-development or qualify as potential projects for the organizations participating in this UU Justice Resources poster session.  Participants can find more about these possibilities here and talk more about creating them with groups that have allied interests.  Participants also need a break.  It has been a morning of sitting, listening, and brainstorming; it is now a good time to do talk, eat, play and and refresh.

o   ACTION ITEM: Program planning team to complete their review of this and other pending program elements at the next meeting, July 11.  Team members unable to attend the meeting should communicate their thoughts and ideas to the group prior to the meeting.

·         Open Space for Learning and Collaboration on Justice Issues   1:15 – 2:30 

Note – this part of the program has not been finalized

o   MRP: Dick Burkhart?

o   What: Participants meet in small groups on each of two issues that matter to them.  Two 25-minute sessions with 10 minute breaks following each session.

o   Logistics:  This session will likely require 2-3 spaces in the sanctuary and 2-3 spaces elsewhere at EUUC.  MRPs for the break-out sessions will need to record contact information for interested participants and take notes that will be posted on the Network website and disseminated after the Summit to all participants from their group. 

o   Why:  Having been immersed in large group structured sessions in the morning, and then having had free time to pursue their own path through various resources, organization, and activities over lunch, participants now have an opportunity to come together in small groups as peers to work and learn together.  Folks learn more about the issues that matter to themselves and their fellow UUs, as well as how work is or isn’t being done by UUs in our region.  Ideally congregational projects and/or collaborations are supported and/or initiated as a result of these meetings.

o   ACTION ITEM: Program planning team to review this and other pending program elements at the next meeting on July 11.  Team members unable to attend the meeting should communicate their thoughts to the group prior to the meeting.

·         Where are we? Implications of our Open Space Discussions and of the Day   2:30 – 3:30 

Note – this part of the program has not been reviewed or finalized

o   MRP: TBD (DD Hilke is willing; anyone else?)

o   What: This is a facilitated, all-participant session that:

§  Explores the outcomes of the Open Space, issue-focused sessions experiences,

§  then moves into reflections on the day and the day’s results in terms of personal and larger potential impacts,

§  then moves into discussion of what we individually and collectively want to have happen next.  What are we committed to?  What we are committed to doing?

o   Why:  In this session participants can explore, declare and celebrate the value of coming together to network and work collaboratively.  They take stock of what has been accomplished and declare new relationships, commitments, and learnings.  Participants explore what’s next, what they want from each other, etc..  Participants see themselves, their congregations’ justice groups, the Network and other UU organizations as important, available partners for powering their future work. 

o   ACTION ITEM: Program planning team to review this and other pending program elements at the next meeting on July 11.  Team members unable to attend the meeting should communicate their thoughts to the group prior to the meeting.

·         Official closing words, songs, activities 3:30 – 4:00  TBD

Note – this part of the program has not been reviewed or finalized

o   ACTION ITEM: Program planning team to review this and other pending program elements at the next meeting on July 11.  Team members unable to attend the meeting should communicate their thoughts to the group prior to the meeting.

·         Justice Community Reception  4:00 – 5:00  TBD

The NW UU Justice Network was pleased to welcome John Tucker and Steve Ernst from Edmonds UUC to the UU Justice Network Meeting.

Attending:  Dick Burkhart (CLF), Cindy Creager (EUUC), Steve Ernst (EUUC), DD Hilke (WUUC), John Hilke (WUUC), Dick Jacke (ESUUC), Doug Mackey (OUUC), Barbara Powers (EUUC), John Tucker (EUUC).


 Recorded by: DD Hilke



Hilke, D. (2011). 2011-06-06 NWuuJN Minutes. Retrieved from http://www.nwuujn.org/view/news/167209


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