2011-07-11 NWuuJN Minutes

December 30, 2011, 2:17 pm
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Tonight’s meeting focused on: Organizational Development, Fundraising, Summit Planning.


Pre-meeting Opportunity:  Several participants had the pleasure of meeting with Nick Fusaro before the meeting. Nick is the incoming Communications Assistant for the Pacific Northwest District of the UUA.  Network representatives provided Nick with an overview of the Network’s mission and vision, and Nick and the group brainstormed regarding additional local folks who might be interested in advising the Network founders, as well as the possibility of the Network and the PNWD cross-promoting via FaceBook and other web-based media resources.  ACTION ITEM: DD Hilke and Nick Fusaro to continue the conversation and solidify the relationship.


Check-in News  included a report on how Social Justice actions had fared during the plenary sessions at the recent General Assembly (Dick Burkhart), a recap of highpoints from a recent Fellowship of Reconciliation meeting (Barbara Powers), headline/marketing guidance related to the promotion of the Network/Summit (Barbara Powers), a positive reception of our Network vision at GA from funders, national issue-oriented organizations and other UUs looking for similar justice support in their region (DD Hilke).  Dick Jacke reported that East Shore Unitarian Church received national recognition this year from the UUSC for its outstanding leadership of UU justice work.  Dick Jacke also reported that East Shore was nearing Summit sponsorship approval.  He has since communicated that East Shore has agreed to be one of the sponsors for the Network’s October Summit.  ACTION ITEM: DD Hilke and Barbara Power to ensure that East Shore’s name is added to the Summit marketing materials and web links.


Future Meeting Schedule:  The Network founders agreed to meet on the following dates:

Monday, July 18th:  Phone Conference Call – 9:05 pm

Monday, August 2:  East Shore Unitarian Church – 6:45 pm.

Wednesday, September 14: East Shore Unitarian Church – 6:45 pm.  NOTE THIS IS A WEDNESDAY!

Monday, October 3:  East Shore Unitarian Church – 6:45 pm.


Monday, November 7:  East Shore Unitarian Church – 6:45 pm.

Monday, December 5: East Shore Unitarian Church – 6:45 pm.

Please: Also hold your availability for a 9:05 pm phone conference meeting the same days; we will use the 9:05 time as a backup in case an in-person meeting is not appropriate.

Organizational Development for the Network:

The group turned to organization and Network development.  DD Hilke reported on encouraging conversations with UU Program Fund representatives and recommended that we move forward with preparing a grant for the coming September 15th funding cycle. The Program Fund provides grants up to $20K, with the average grant equal to about $8K.  Matching funds would be required, but volunteer time can be used for the bulk of that match.

DD noted that besides the monetary resources that such a grant would bring to the Network, the process of submitting the grant would support the Network’s development as a credible organization.  Grant submission would require articulation of who we are, our intentions, the needs we are addressing, our plans for developing, launching and evaluating the Network, budget, etc.  Preparing for submission would also entail securing letters of support, establishing a relationship with a fiscal agent (so we can receive/track funds), getting our leadership organized, etc.

Our conversations and shared intentions have prepared us to take these steps and the grant process would hold us accountable to move forward with them.  Completing the proposal by September 15 would help ensure that Network participants discovered at the Summit a credible, developing organization that they can help vision and create.

DD Hilke offered to invest the time it would take to draft the grant, get the supporting documents/letters/relationships in place, and submit the grant on time by the 15th of September.  She cautioned that this would mean that she could not take managerial responsibility for the Summit, although she offered to ensure the development of the sample programs which we have planned to exhibit at the Summit (Website, Census, etc.).

Discussion turned briefly to the management of the Summit (see Summit Planning, below).  Once the group felt confident the Summit could move forward, the group approved moving ahead with the development and submission of the grant.


Organizing Ourselves:

Discussion turned to the need to transform ourselves from a group of Founding Members to a Founding Board and to begin the process of taking on specific leadership/management roles to forward the work of organization and Network development.  D.D. Hilke offered to commit up to 20 hours per week over the course of the next 18 months to support the work of the Network, and suggested that such investment be strongly guided/constrained by a very active Board including a strong Chair.  DD wanted to ensure that she could “run fast” to do what would be needed, while being able to count on strong direction, correction and idea and time support from the Board.

Following some additional discussion regarding the interests and availability of the various founders then present, Dick Jacke and John Hilke stepped forward and were enthusiastically endorsed as Board Chair and Board Secretary, respectively.  The group suggested that DD Hilke take the position of Executive Director, which she accepted.




Assignment accepted:Barbara Powers, Cindy Creager and DD Hilke will work together to provide timely promotional information in various formats to the Summit sponsors, justice leaders in the area, PNWD website, etc.

Summit Logistics:

Assignment accepted: Barbara Powers confirmed that Edmonds will take charge of the basic 'framework' or 'skeleton' of the Summit, i.e., Registration process, Facility, Materials, Sound management, Furniture movement, Food for Continental Breakfast, Lunch, and Social Hour (not necessarily preparing it all, however) and Clean up afterward.  Thanks to Edmonds for their willingness to host this all day affair!


Assignment accepted:  Doug Mackey has previously confirmed oversight of the pre-summit international call with youth from the Middle East.

Assignment accepted:Edmonds will oversee: the Summit Welcome, Chalice Lighting, Song selection and reading, introducing Rev. Eric Kaminetzky, the Closing words/song, and extinguishing the Chalice. 

Assignment accepted: Rev. Eric Kaminetzky, Minister, Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Church has agreed to provide the Ministerial Inspiration address.



Regarding the panel presentations on Regional Collaboration (for Economic Justice, Immigration, Peace Ministry)

ACTION ITEM: Doug Mackey, Dick Burkhart ad Dick Jacke to develop a common set of guidelines for the Regional Collaborations part of the Program.

Assignments accepted:  Dick Burkhart will oversee the development and implementation of the Economic Justice panel. Dick Burkhart reports that Rev. Lucy Seck has agreed to participate in this session.

Assignment accepted:  Doug Mackey has previously reported that Frances Tanaka (OUUC) has agreed to participate on the panel on Immigration.

DECISION:Recommended timing for this program is 9:45 to 11:30 to provide a full 20 minutes for panel presentations with additional time for questions to each panel, as well as introductory and concluding remarks.

DECISION:  The group recommends that the Immigration Panel include as part of its purpose inspiring Summit participants to organize for and participate in Justice GA 2012 in Arizona.

ACTION ITEM: Barbara and Cindy and Doug to recruit Jennifer Bright of University Church to participate in the Immigration Panel, along with Frances Tanaka of OUUC who is already confirmed.



Assignment accepted: DD Hilke offered to work with a TBD representative from Edmonds to develop the Exhibit area for the Summit.



Assignment accepted: Dick Burkhart confirmed his willingness to develop and manage the Open Space part of the program.



Further discussion of the program parts, schedule, and assignments was hampered by the realization that not all attendees were referring to the same version of the Program Plan.  Given the late hour, it was decided to review the program plan more thoroughly at a phone meeting on July 18.  ACTION ITEM:  DD Hilke to re-distribute the minutes from the last meeting in PDF form (to facilitate printing and legibility) and to give notice of the phone meeting on the 18th to the Network meeting list.



The meeting was adjourned.



Submitted by:  D. D. Hilke

Meeting Date:  Monday, July 11, 2011

Location:  East Shore Unitarian Church

Attending:  Dick Burkhart (CLF), DD Hilke (WUUC), John Hilke (WUUC), Dick Jacke (ESUC), Barbara Powers (EUUC).






Hilke, D. (2011). 2011-07-11 NWuuJN Minutes. Retrieved from http://www.nwuujn.org/view/news/168366


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