2011-08-01 NWuuJN Minutes

December 30, 2011, 2:07 pm
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Tonight’s meeting of the NWuuJN focused on: Money matters for the Summit & organization; Tactics for finalizing the Summit program and its marketing; Timeline and needs for the Program Fund grant.  

Attending:  Dick Burkhart, Board Member (CLF); Steve Ernst (EUUC); DD Hilke, Executive Director (WUUC): John Hilke, Board Secretary (WUUC): Dick Jacke, Board Chair (ESUC); Douglas Mackey, Board Member (OUUC); Barbara Powers, Board Member (EUUC); Ellen Squillace (EUUC).

Reading:  Tonight’s reading – a quote from Robert Kennedy – was provided by John Hilke.

The torch still burns, and because it does,
There remains for all of us a chance
to light up the tomorrows and brighten the future.
…this is the challenge that makes life worthwhile.

~ Robert Kennedy, from We Light This Chalice, Rev. David A. Johnson

Tonight’s agenda was reviewed and approved.

The minutes from the July 18, 2011 Network teleconference were approved.

Summit Registration Process:  It was decided that:

·         A Summit program fee of $25 would be charged to all participants who judged themselves able to pay that amount.  Panelists would be entitled to one free registration for their own use, at their request.

·         The registration form would include a “Request scholarship assistance in the amount of” line (or similar) that would provide for a requested reduction in the fee.  All such scholarship requests would be honored.  No one is to be turned away due to inability to pay.

·         The registration form would also include a “Donation for Summit Scholarships” line, providing an opportunity for participants to donate additional funds as part of their registration process.

·         THIS DECISION IS PENDING APPROVAL BY EUUC (!): Registration in advance would be encouraged with forms mailed to and made out to “EUUC” with “2011 Justice Summit” in the memo line. 

·         Registrations and payments would also be accepted the day of the event.

Summit Marketing Plan:  Barbara Powers and DD Hilke reported on the dissemination plan for Summit information, including communication with sponsors, Puget Sound Justice Leads and other organizations such as the PNWD and Ministers’ Association.  Media Toolkits will be sent out to sponsors and justice leaders by mid-August with updates occurring every two to four weeks thereafter between now and the end of the year.  A cover letter/email will be included to invite and inspire our contacts to disseminate the information broadly to their members and to others that they believe will be interested.  The first (and ‘Basic’) Media toolkit will include a brochure/registration tri-fold, flyer, order of service blurbs, sample newsletter articles, etc...  As time permits, updated toolkits will highlight additional specifics, such as the Afghanistan Youth pre-summit program, the program schedule, countdown to the event, etc.


·         John Hilke to draft and design the brochure/registration tri-fold and flyer by Aug. 8, latest.

·         Barbara Powers to draft the rest of the toolkit copy and cover letter(s) for recipients by Aug. 8, latest.

·         Dick Burkhart to review the above drafts in the role of a potential user/disseminator of the information, and to provide feedback between Aug. 8 and 10, latest.

·         Barbara Powers and John Hilke to finalize the marketing materials by Aug. 12, latest.

·         Barbara Powers and DD Hilke to disseminate the toolkits to Justice Leaders (Barbara) and sponsors/PNWD/Website (DD) by Aug. 14, latest.

Summit Planning:  To forward our goal of executing the Summit as a quality program “with all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted,” the group decided to meet again on Monday, Aug. 22, for a final review of all assignment, program plans, and particulars for the Summit.  Tonight’s discussion focused on sponsorships, the Summit Budget, and two core programs of the Summit:

·         Sponsorships:  The group noted our outstanding success to date in generating interest in the Summit and in signing on Summit sponsors.  Based on our success with the Church of the Larger Fellowship, it was decided to approach UUSC as a potential sponsor.  Dick Jacke to follow up.

·         Summit Budget:  The EUUC hosting team and the other Most Responsible Persons for summit programs were encouraged to calculate the expenses that they anticipated for the Summit in advance of our next meeting on Aug. 22.  The conversation turned to Doug Mackay’s offer that OUUC would cover the costs of the pre-summit program.  Participants were grateful to accept this donation from OUUC, but also wanted to ensure that if extra Summit fees were available after other expenses had been covered, that some of these funds could be made available to OUUC, if the financial burden on OUUC for this program was significant.  DD Hilke to follow up.

·         Regional UU Collaboration for Justice:  The lack of a Most Responsible Person for this program was noted, as well as incomplete information regarding the panelists for each part of this core session.  Actions were taken to address these issues (see Action Items below). 

·         Open Space:  The purpose, structure and process of the Open Space session were discussed in detail and it was decided to:

o   Have trained (and committed) Open Space process facilitators that would attend each Open Space topic group and would assist in guiding the process (not the content), as needed.

o   Add an additional 15 minutes to this program to facilitate determining the second group of open space topics/locations.

o   Merge the “report out” for the Open Space session into the “Reflections on what we accomplished” program that succeeds it.  The break to occur before the “report out” for the open space.

o   Delay the Closing Activities until 4 p.m. in order to accommodate the need for the additional 15 minutes.

ACTION ITEMS:  Before our next meeting…

o   Dick Jacke to approach UUSC as a potential sponsor for the Summit.

o   DD Hilke to contact Douglas Mackay to determine the costs that OUUC will incur for sponsoring the pre-summit program, and to convey the intentions of the NWuuJN that these costs not unduly burden OUUC.

o   Dick Jacke, Dick Burkhart, and Douglas Mackay to meet by phone or as needed to coordinate the three Regional Collaboration sessions, how they will be introduced, managed, etc.

o   Dick Jacke to contact several folks to work towards finalization of the Immigration panel presentation, including Douglas Mackey (contact for panelist Frances Tanaka), Jennifer Bright (University Church), and Cindy Creager (EUUC).

o   Dick Burkhart will meet with Lucy Seck the week of Aug. 1 to finalize the Economic Justice presentation plan.

o   DD Hilke to update the 2011 planning document with the above changes.

UUA Program Fund Grant Timeline, Decisions and Needs: 

DEADLINES: The following deadlines were reviewed and approved to facilitate drafting, reviewing and submitting the grant to the UUA Program Fund this fall:

·         Partial draft; questions 1-5:  Already disseminated

·         Review of Partial draft: Due now.

·         Full draft to Board/reviewers for review: 8-15-11

·         Comments due back to grant writer: 8-17-11

·         Review draft sent to UUA Program Fund for pre-submission comments: 8-21-11

·         Final Draft to Board/reviewers for review: 9-1-11

·         Comments due back to grant writer: 9-5-11

·         Final Grant submitted to UUA Program Fund: 9-15-11


o   DD Hike to prepare, submit and revise grant drafts according to the above schedule.

o   All meeting participants to review the grant drafts when received and provide feedback to DD Hilke during the stated review period.  Reviews of the Partial Draft are currently due.

SEEKING AND DEMONSTRATING SUPPORT AND/OR DONATIONS:  In order to qualify for a UUA Program Fund grant, we need to show that the development of the Network’s vision is supported by more than just the Program Fund grant and a few visionaries (that would be us!).  Having Summit sponsors and getting letters of recommendation will go a long way towards demonstrating this support.  Estimating the volunteer hours that have been and will be invested in the Network vision will also help us meet this criterion.  A ‘cash equivalent value’ for these volunteer hours can be calculated just as it can for in-kind donations.  Finally, the Program Fund administrators will also seek evidence of project support in the form of real dollars.  They will look for evidence that such support has already been forthcoming at the time that we submit.  They will also look for evidence that there is a plan to raise sufficient funds to sustain the Network in the years after the Program Fund grant is no longer funding the project. 

Discussion centered on the difficulty of getting cash donations before the Summit had revealed the worth of the Network and excited folks about its mission.  Another perceived barrier to fundraising was the lack of a Fiscal Agent (see below).  It was noted that one approach already in the works is to request a donation from Summit Sponsors.  This request is expected by Sponsors, although Summit sponsors also know that a cash donation is not required of them, and at least one has stated that no funds can be forthcoming. Another approach discussed was for the individual Network Board members or other boosters of the Network to consider making donations to the Network.  These donations would not need to be large.  Numbers of cash donors are just as important as amounts, especially when there is already a substantial cash value accruing from the volunteer time already donated.  


o   All network volunteers to provide DD Hilke with an estimate of their 2011 volunteer hours for the Network and/or Summit, as well as an estimate of your 2012 hours.

o   DD Hilke to develop and disseminate a format for recording volunteer hours.

o   Dick Jacke and DD Hilke to meet on or before 8-12-11 to address any grant development (or other) issues that arise early this month.

FISCAL AGENT:  Before NWuuJN can qualify for a UUA Program Grant, it will need to have a Fiscal Agent.  A Fiscal Agent is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit that keeps the books for the project (i.e., NWuuJN) and ensures that the project is working within nonprofit guidelines.  In consultation with both the Program Fund and Carol McKinley (WA UU Voices), it was revealed that most often the Fiscal Agent for such grants is a UU congregation.  DD Hilke recommended that one of the congregation’s already sponsoring the Summit be approached to be our fiscal agent.  It was decided that EUUC would be approached first with a request to serve as the Fiscal Agent for NWuuJN.


o   Steve Ernst to approach Eric Kaminetzky, Minister, EUUC during the week of 8/1/2011, regarding the possibility of EUUC being the Fiscal Agent for the NWuuJN.

Next Meeting:  the next meeting of NWuuJN Board and Summit Planners is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 22, 2011 from 6:45 to 8:45 p.m. at Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Church.  That meeting will concentrate on Summit program planning, marketing and execution.

            ACTION ITEM:  

o   Barbara Powers to bring a reading for the next meeting

The meeting was adjourned.


Submitted by:  D. D. Hilke on behalf of John Hilke, Secretary



Hilke, D. (2011). 2011-08-01 NWuuJN Minutes. Retrieved from http://www.nwuujn.org/view/news/168553


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