Northwest UU Justice Network

Invitation to Justice-Seeking Youth - Join us at the 2017 Justice Summit Oct 7 in Seattle, Washington

Calling all justice-seeking youth
their advisors and friends:

The Justice Summit Planning Team wants to support your justice work and invites you to join us October 7, 2017, in Seattle, Washington to further our individual and collective justice work.  We invite you to join us with your ideas, your passions, your desire to make a difference, your ongoing work and your leadership.  We offer you an opportunity to connect with others working for justice and to work with other youth, adults, or both to amplify your justice voice and become contagious with your justice passions.

Have an issue you passionately support or want to support?

  • You can staff your own table on your issue, inviting others to join you through your exhibit display, promotional material, evocative questions, sign-up sheets and/or personal testimony.  REQUEST YOUR TABLE IN A FOLLOW-UP SURVEY SENT TO ALL REGISTRANTS.
  • You can propose  a “breakout (discussion) session.”  Your topic can be broad (e.g., climate crisis) or specific (e.g., police accountability), national (e.g., corporations are not people and money is not free speech) or regional (e.g., stop new fossil fuel infrastructure) or local (e.g., supporting the disabled in our community) or all of the above (e.g., racial equity).  You don’t need to be an expert to propose a session, you just need to help others recognize how important your proposed breakout is to UUs who seek a more just and sustainable world.  REQUEST UP TO THREE BREAKOUT SESSIONS IN A FOLLOW-UP SURVEY SENT TO ALL REGISTRANTS.

What else can you do at the justice summit?

  • Connect with others (youth and adults) interested in justice; … actually, gather with anyone interested in the passions that call you into action.
  • Explore how we are called to action and work together to support each others' calls (this year's theme!).
  • Inspire others to join you in working on your issue.
  • Apply these learnings in your breakout sessions, so you leave connected and empowered with a group of UUs ready to work alongside you to further your justice visions.
  • Learn how the NW UU Justice Network can support you in your justice work.
  • Bring your fresh perspectives, vision and leadership to the broader UU justice community.  We need you!

What does it cost you?

  • Your time; Your talent.
  • While the summit needs to average $30 per participant to support the Network’s programs, we invite our youth participants to “give yourself a full scholarship.”  Your time, passion, questions, and talent are what we ask of you.

Join us and we will all benefit.

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