Northwest UU Justice Network

Quick Reference Guide: Who to Contact? (Spring '18)


Here is your quick reference guide for getting things done.


  • Learn about or register for the Justice Summit - Click here.
  • Become a member – Sign up here. Want more info? Contact DD Hilke at
  • Publicize an Event – To post it on our calendar, submit your info here.  (To post it on our website as a New article and have it featured on our homepage, see the next bullet.)
  • Get something posted to the Network sites: Follow these guidelines THEN contact our Publications Team at
  • Send out a Targeted Alert: Follow these guidelines THEN contact Sharon Varosh at
  • Make a last minute submission to Alerts & Events: OK, you really shouldn’t, but Diane Brooks at  She might or might not be receptive to your request. You can always try.
  • Join a group. Start a new group or get help with a group: Contact DD Hilke at
  • Contribute your time or talent: Contact DD Hilke at
  • Contribute money or talk about donating: Contact DD Hilke at
  • Collaborate with our organization: Contact DD Hilke at 
  • Reach our Board of Directors:  Contact Dick Jacke.

More about our staff:

DD Hilke – Executive Director -

DD is always delighted to hear from UUs interested in or involved in justice work.  She wants to know how our network could serve you, your justice work, or your congregation better.  Don't know who to ask?  Ask DD!  DD works with the NWUU Justice Network board to shape and implement the Network's growth and development including its partnerships, program, fundraising and development as an organization.  She also provides backup for all Network staff, so if one of the staff or you or your issue is in a time-crunch, she often can lend a hand to get something that needs doing done.

Sharon Varosh – Network Administrator–
Sharon is your first, best contact for more information about how to join us, connect with us, and publish through the Network.   She can send out alerts to folks interested in your particular issue or in your area, manages our member database, handles your summit registration and more.  She's interested in getting to know you and to help you meet your needs.  She handles most requests and is in the office most Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10 to 1.  Need urgent help on another day? Contact DD Hilke

Diane Brooks – Social Media Manager –
Diane checks both our and our Facebook Page every day to make sure they are up and running and that old featured items are unfeatured. She posts upcoming events and other items of interest to FaceBook and is the writer, editor and producer for the ever popular Alerts& Events that comes out bimonthly during the school year and monthly during the summer.

Denna Good-Mojab – Publications Assistant.  Reach her and other members of the Publications Team at

Kitty Hibbs – Publications Assistant.  Reach her and other members of the Publications Team at



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