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Second Thursday Inter-Race Conversations in Seattle – Join Us!

I attended an ad hoc meeting this evening in Seattle, hosted by a man by the name of Dan Roach who has gathered people of all races to come and have a conversation about race in America. Some of you might be interested in knowing about it.... a very nice group of like-minded people who realize that race relations will improve only by whites and blacks getting to know one another personally.

Hearing stories by some of the men about their experiences of being stopped by police "for no reason" were heart breaking. I was brought to tears by one elderly man's story of mistreatment by police, and how black men are trained from a young age to fear whites, and how they must behave for their own safety to avoid being shot or beaten. One of them is fearful, he says, every time he leaves his home, wondering if he "will die today."

It was eye opening and heart rending for me. It gave me a new perspective, though I've never doubted that some of them have been truly profiled and abused. This is a place where people can ask questions in safety and have the opportunity to meet people of color and learn to see the world from their perspective. Many whites still deny that racism is as big a problem as some claim and this is a good place to learn from one another.

Meetings are every SECOND Thursday at 1410 18th Ave., Seattle 98122 (about 3 blocks southwest of Madison) in a coffee shop called Tougo Coffee. Meeting time is 6 to 8 p.m., and all are welcome. I plan when I can and would be happy to see other new people there. There was quite a bit of discussion about the Black Lives Matter campaign, and I gained some insight into the varying opinions regarding it.

~ CJ



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