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Help Oppose Anti-Transgender Ballot Measure in Washington

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Next month, we'll know if discrimination will be on the ballot this November in Washington.

Friday, July 7, is the deadline for opponents of equality to submit signatures for I-1552, the dangerous initiative that would repeal Washington's 11-year-old non-discrimination laws protecting transgender people.

Right now, the anti-transgender I-1552 campaign is paying signature gatherers — with reports of some of their volunteers assaulting innocent voters to bully them into signing for this horrible measure.

If we're going to stop I-1552 from going to the ballot, we need supporters like you to step up now. Join Washington Won’t Discriminate’s Statewide Action Team to take real action in your community to defeat I-1552!

Remember: I-1552 would be the first-ever statewide ballot measure in the country that would repeal non-discrimination protections for transgender people.

Anti-LGBT extremists have the audacity to use Washington as their laboratory - and if they succeed in repealing our state's protections, they'll import their cruel agenda to other states across the country.

Washington Won't Discriminate's Statewide Action Team is the core of the grassroots effort to keep I-1552 off the ballot. In the next month, we need supporters knocking on doors, making phone calls and talking to their neighbors about just how dangerous I-1552 would be for Washington.

Can we count on you to join the No on I-1552 Action Team? Sign up today and someone from Washington Won't Discriminate will follow up.

ACLU of Washington is proud to be a founding member of Washington Won't Discriminate because we know that this discriminatory initiative doesn't represent who we are as a state.

Thanks for standing with us to defeat I-1552.

Elisabeth Smith,
Legislative Director, ACLU of Washington



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Smith, E. (2017). Help Oppose Anti-Transgender Ballot Measure in Washington. Retrieved from


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