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Commit2Respond Requests Feedback and Direction

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Commit2Respond is at a turning point.

Three years ago, this campaign was launched with the goal of running from the 2014 People’s Climate March through the UUA’s 2017 General Assembly in New Orleans. We wanted to find out what we could accomplish if Unitarian Universalists and like-hearted people of faith and conscience came together in new ways for climate justice.

And what an amazing three years it has been! We’ve marched, we’ve witnessed, we’ve resolved, we’ve trained, we’ve joined hands with front-lines communities, we’ve taken direct action, we’ve worshipped, and we’ve made spiritual commitments.

Now it’s time to decide what happens next.

All along, Commit2Respond has depended on feedback from you. Now you are needed to help inform where we go from here. Click here to make your voice heard!

In the last three years, Unitarian Universalists have come together like never before to collectively take action for climate justice and bring environmental concerns back to the forefront of our faith.

More than ever, our world needs us to be bold and prophetic. How can UUs and other people of faith best rise to the challenges of our times? Tell us what you think.

As ever: thank you for committing to respond.

In faith and solidarity,

Picture of Aly Tharp wearing yellow hat and yellow \

Aly Tharp
Programs Coordinator, Commit2Respond, UU Ministry for Earth, UU Young Adults for Climate Justice



Tharp, A. (2017). Commit2Respond Requests Feedback and Direction. Retrieved from


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