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Save Oregon's Sanctuary Law, Help Oppose I-105

Measure 105 has been approved for the Oregon Nov 2018 ballot. This measure would eliminate Oregon's 30+ year old first-in-the-nation sanctuary law.

OR UU Voices is opposed to the enactment of this measure and have written a voter's pamphlet statement to inform the electorate why they should vote No on 105.

The statement reads:

Unitarian Universalists urge you to vote No on Ballot Measure 105

Oregon Unitarian Universalists Voices for Justice is a statewide organization representing Unitarian Universalists in Oregon. We strongly endorse preservation of Oregon’s sanctuary law. Our Unitarian Universalist principles recognize the worth and dignity of every person, calling for justice, equity and compassion in human relations. We actively work toward the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all. Oregon’s sanctuary law was adopted in 1987, responding to a wave of bigotry and hatred for Central American refugees seeking sanctuary from violence and oppression. Many of those refugees stayed in Oregon, becoming good neighbors and contributing to the strength and vitality of Oregon's communities. Today’s migrants are fleeing similar violence in their home countries. Our obligation to welcome the stranger and provide refuge to those fleeing violence has not changed. Let us continue to welcome the stranger to Oregon. Unitarian Universalists urge Oregonians to vote NO.

You can help get this into the voter’s pamphlet.

In order not to pay $1200 for this statement to appear, we must collect 500 VALID voter signatures. Starting with services July 29 and continuing Sunday August 5, members of your congregation will be asking for your signatures. Please sign.

If you can collect some signatures of registered voters in Oregon (do not have to be UUs), we can provide signature sheets. Just call David Delk at 503.232.5495 or email him at and he can get these mailed to you.


Thank you for your help

Oregon UU Voices for Justice






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