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Contact Congressional Reps about Columbia River

“The River is sacred. People will put aside their differences when it comes to the River and bringing back the salmon.”

         – the late Virgil Seymour (1958 – 2016),  Arrow Lakes (Sinixt) Facilitator for The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation

The future of the Columbia River is relevant to all, especially those in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Orcas depend on Columbia River salmon for survival.
  • Seattle is powered partly by Columbia River dams.
  • The Trump and Trudeau Administrations are excluding tribes and First Nations from treaty negotiations about the future of the Columbia River.

Negotiations have begun on updating the Columbia River Treaty. Much to our dismay, the U.S. negotiating team consists of federal agency representatives dominated by power, flood risk management, and irrigation. There is no voice for River health.

The U.S. State Dept. lacks protocols for consultation with tribes (in contrast to many federal agencies that do consult with tribes.) Our tribal friends, including producers of the outstanding film "United By Water," have asked that we contact our elected officials in Congress to demand that:

  • Any negotiations must include tribes at the table.
  • A third major purpose must be included in a modernized Columbia River Treaty: ecosystem-based function—meaning: operations supporting a healthy river, including restoring salmon to ancestral spawning waters now blocked by dams.
  • Columbia River management must be changed to ensure future descendants have a healthy home that includes clean water and salmon.

Contact info for Senators is here; for Representatives is here. In Washington State we are targeting Senators Cantwell and Murray and Representative Jayapal.




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