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September: A Busy Month For Climate Justice

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“Those who have faith in the world, have the responsibility to rescue the world.”

– Charles Skinner

It is should be clear that anthropogenic climate change is real and happening now. We are experiencing a global heat wave of unprecedented, but not unanticipated, dimensions. So many Japanese have died that they’ve declared it a national disaster.It has been 90 degrees in the arctic,that is 40 degrees higher then past records!Oregon’s wheat crop has burnt and a farmer with it.In Greece people are being fried or are drowning trying to escape the fires there.Sweden’s forests are on fire and California is burning again.Yosemite is closed. 90 heat records broken in the USA alone. We are in a serious drought here in Washington again this summer. Research shows cognitive impairment, irritability, reduced productivity and suicide are a directly linked to rising temperatures. It time to act in our own defense.

Here is what is happening ...

Sept. 8: Resist and Rise UP! With global temperatures rising the Trump administration just announced a plan to roll back crucial clean car CAFE standards. They have already gutted the EPA, cancelled Obama’s Climate Plan and withdrawn the USA from the Paris Climate Accord. These disastrous acts will dirty our air, cost lives and billions of dollars. September 8 concerned citizens will Rise Up. Find out the role you can play here:

Sept. 8-14: Solidarity to Solutions Week  Indigenous peoples are promoting a "just transition from fossil fuels with events during the Global Climate Action summit in San Fransico.

Sept. 15:  Salish Seas Day A day of action to raise awareness of the threats to the Salish Sea and it inhabitants including the Transmountain pipeline recently acquired by the Trudeau government after Kinder-Morgan shareholders said "No more" and walked away.   A cross border alliance has resovled that it shall not pass.  The united tribes of British Columbia are standing firm.

 “This pipeline purchase is the Doctrine of Discovery in action,” said Chief Judy Wilson. “It speaks louder than all the rhetoric in the world: Canada thinks that, when it comes down to it, they hold the final say in what happens with our lands. But we are sovereign Nations, and we have never ceded, surrendered, or relinquished title. We hold the sacred responsibility to protect these lands, and we will do so.”

Unexpected Consequences: Climate Chaos can lead to authoritarian Rule-

Expected ConsequencesHealth Impacts of Rising Temps

  • Stanford study reveals direct correlation between rising temperatures and suicide rates-
  • "Heat waves are the deadliest form of extreme weather, responsible for more deaths in the US every year than the combined effects of hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods. A 2017 study found that air pollution already kills 9 million people every year“

"No one can be a bystander now." Lester Brown, Earth Policy Institute





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