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Join Ad Campaign, Invite LGBTQ+ People to Your Church

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125 LGBTQ-affirming faith communities have already signed up at
(If you're one of them, thank you!)


Please join our co-op marketing campaign inviting LGBTQ+ people in your area to visit your church.


Your deadline to register is Friday, Oct. 12. Our online ad campaign will run Oct. 18-21 to coordinate with GLAAD's massive #SpiritDay anti-bullying event.

  • Last year, #SpiritDay trended all day on Twitter, and received over a BILLION impressions on social media.
  • That weekend, MyOutSpirit's advertising campaign invited nearly 800,000 people to visit an LGBTQ-affirming faith community.

As you know, toxic religious beliefs are the root of much anti-LGBTQ bullying and discrimination. That's why MyOutSpirit's work to raise the visibility of affirming faith communities like yours is so important.

Click here to make sure your church gets on the list.

Whatever you decide, I thank you for your powerful witness.

Clayton Gibson
Pronouns: he/him/his
Austin, Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost our church to be featured?
Each affirming faith community chips in $25 or more for our co-op advertising campaign. You can see a list of who participated last year on

What if our church can't afford to pay?
MyOutSpirit has never turned away any resource because they couldn't pay. Every year, without being asked, some larger faith communities contribute more money to the fund to help cover the costs of those that can't afford to chip-in. Email me about your need and I'll take care of you.

How does it work?
MyOutSpirit buys online advertising promoting LGBTQ-affirming faith communities. These ads are displayed to people who live near a participating faith community. The ads direct them to a website where they can view participating faith communities in their area.

Are the ads specifically for our faith community? We already advertise that we are LGBTQ-welcoming.
The ads for this co-op campaign are general, not specific to your organization. You can see some of our old ads on But I get so excited when I see an LGBTQ-affirming faith community advertising on Facebook or Instagram! Joining the MyOutSpirit campaign helps raise the profile of ALL affirming faith communities and (we hope) shifts public perception.

Do we have to be in the USA?
Not at all! Any LGBTQ-affirming faith community can participate! In the past, we've welcomed faith communities from the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Also, so far all our ads have been in English, but your resource profile can be in any language.

Please register at


Launched in 2007, is an interfaith promotional co-op that makes it easy for LGBTQ+ people of any faith tradition to find and connect with affirming spiritual resources.




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