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Have you ever been overwhelmed by the names and faces of candidates during election season, unsure of who to vote for?

Ever felt confused about the effects of the state initiatives on your ballot, or had the sneaking suspicion that the implications of these initiatives were not wholly apparent to you?

Ever just wish that all the information about the election season was in one convenient place?

We get it. That’s why we created our 2018 Voter Guide, which is now up on our website!

Our 2018 Voter Guide is part of our Vote For A Change campaign, which we’ve ran every other year since 2004 as an effort to equip Washington voters with all the information they need to confidently cast their vote. Each election season, we draft a questionnaire based on our values of racial and economic justice and send it to candidates for federal and state office.

This year’s Guide includes descriptions of all four Washington ballot initiatives, tips on how and when to cast your vote and send in your ballot, and candidate responses to our questionnaire. All 22 candidates for federal office received our questionnaire. In order to create a statewide representation of Legislative candidates, we chose 2-4 contiguous districts for each of the 8 regions in Washington (King County, North Sound, South Sound, Southwest Washington, Central Washington, the Peninsula, Eastern Washington, and the Tri-City Region).

It’s no secret that the outcome of the 2018 midterms will have critical effects on all communities nationally and locally, but particularly on our immigrant & refugee communities and on our low-income communities. November 6 is the day to voice your opinion on how well both Congress and the Washington Legislature have been attending to the needs of your community by casting a ballot in favor of the candidates who share your values. Don’t let your voice go unheard or your vote uncounted!



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