Free the Snake River - Sept. 17 in Clarkston, Wash.

Let's Free the Snake and jumpstart the largest wild salmon recovery effort in the world!

Last year Backbone Campaign teamed up with Patagonia, Friends of the Clearwater, Save Our Wild Salmon and a host of other friends to raise the call to Free the Snake River from deadbeat dams that choke natural salmon runs. As evidenced by this great video and the fun participants had it was a great success! This year we're doing it again and calling on elected officials to show some leadership and Free the Snake!

Join the Free the Snake Flotilla - RSVP HERE

Date: Saturday, September 17th

Location: Swallows Park WA-129, Clarkston, Washington 99403


  • 8AM - Boat Drop-Off and Arrival

  • 10AM - Launch

  • 2PM - Return Paddle

  • 5PM - Festivities and Ceremony

We highly recommend folks coming west of the Cascades arrive the night before. You can camp at Chief Timothy Park where the post-flotilla festivities and ceremony unfold.Volunteer: We'd be thrilled if you want to join either the on-water or landlubber volunteer teams helping to make this event happen. Help with launching kayaktivists, be on the water safety team, deploy floating banners, and hang with an inflatable Orca whale. Fill out this form here to let us know your interested in volunteering! 


Backbone Campaign




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Gary Piazzon wrote: 09-12-2016 02:30:42

We have learned from the Elwha that dam removal can lead to remarkable and rapid positive changes in habitat and species recovery. We need to restore the earth natural systems as EO Wilson champions in his new book, half the Earth. It is critical to our survival but not without similar massive changes in greenhouse gas reduction, population reduction and elimination in poverty.