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Black Lives Matter FlashStance - Woodinville, WA

Source: Leslie Schmidt
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Since July of 2015, representatives from East Shore Unitarian Church have stood in solidarity on a corner on the East Side most Sundays through rain or shine. The group has taken the name of the “East Shore Black Lives Matter Flash Stance.” “Sometimes people yell at us in anger, honk and wave in support, or avoid eye contact all together. It is important that we stand in solidarity to keep the conversation going,”

“I stand on the corner every Sunday to bring awareness not just to the many black lives that have been lost and affected by continued police brutality, but also to remind people that systemic racism remains a problem in our country and each of us has a responsibility to help eradicate it,”

Join us as WUUC and ESUC join together to support the current movement for Black lives.

To find out when and where the next Flash Stance will happen, check the NWuuJN calendar or contact Leslie Schmidt for information:     



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