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Woodinville Meaningful Movies: Unbroken Ground, Oct. 13


Woodinville Meaningful Movies: Unbroken Ground.

7 p.m. Friday Oct. 13, 2017

18900 168th Ave NE (located at Northshore UCC) Woodinville,WA


This month’s evening will go a bit differently than usual. We will show a 24-minute documentary, followed by local renewable energy expert Gary Shaver, who will facilitate a presentation and discussion developing and expanding on the film's thesis.

Unbroken Ground, a compelling Patagonia Provisions short film directed by Chris Malloy, explains the critical role food will play in the next frontier of our efforts to solve the environmental crisis. This film explores four areas of agriculture that aim to change our relationship to the land and oceans. Commercial-scale food production typically reduces biodiversity, decimates soil, and contributes to climate change by multiple pathways. But our food can and should be a part of the solution to the environmental crisis – grown, harvested, and distributed in ways that restore our land, water, and wildlife. The film tells the story of four groups that are leading improvements through regenerative farming, regenerative grazing, diversified crop development, and sustainable, indigenous fishing.

The presentation, Humankind’s Struggle with Nature & Profit, by Gary Shaver, will use thought-provoking examples from multiple industries to explore the dichotomy of natural diversity and the paradigm of centralized profit enterprises. Gary has over 15 years’ experience in integrated sustainability and clean technologies. He presently provides national and international consulting, advising, and services in integrated sustainability, including renewable technologies (photovoltaic and thermal), cleantech, manufacturing, product development, and business development. Presently, his focus is on sustainable transportation in developing countries.

Invite a friend! It’s going to be a fascinating evening.



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