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The Northwest UU Justice Network is a growing group of Unitarian Universalists (UUs) and like-minded justice allies who are working to build a more just and sustainable world.  We "do more, more easily and to greater effect" by working together.

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    It’s hard to imagine our UU justice work getting easier and more fun during these challenging times, but maybe, just maybe, we can do more, more easily and to greater... More »

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    “At a point where we are losing species and where human life itself is threatened by climate change, the church, by acting on it, is saying that this is a moral issue and... More »

Recently Updated
A 2015 summit pre-event Oct 9 - Putting Our Words into Action: The NW Tribes Declaration Last Updated on 2015-09-02 22:04:19 Join us in this gathering to put our words into action for our First Nations. Join us in this gathering to put our words into action for preserving our precious Mother Earth. It is time to put our words into action "... we call upon ... elected officials... and all people of goodwill to uphold the treaty rights of Native communities of the Northwest. " We ask that all environmental and cultural harm to Native lands and peoples be considered in.. policy decisions about the mining, transport, and export of coal and other fossil fuels. " As religious leaders we call for the protection of ... the Earth we all call home... " We stand in solidarity with our Native neighbors to safeguard the traditional lands, waters, and sacred sites of their peoples from destruction." JOIN US:  October 9, 2015 7:00 - 9:00 pm Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship 1207... More »
A Public Declaration to the Tribal Councils and Traditional Spiritual Leaders of the Native Peoples of the Northwest Last Updated on 2015-09-02 20:38:53 As part of the 2014 Totem Pole Journey, this Declaration was drafted and signed by faith leaders within the northwest region. On June 27th, during the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly, our Pacific Northwest District leadership unanimously voted to become signatories to this document as well. As members of the signatories, what does that mean for us and our commitment to this document?   August 2014 c/o Jewell Praying Wolf James, Lummi In 1987 and again in 1997, bishops and denominational executives of churches in the Northwest offered letters of apology to the indigenous peoples of our region. These letters acknowledged the historical disrespect of traditional Native American spiritual practices and traditions. In those letters, the leaders of our denominations promised “to honor and defend the rights of Native Peoples … [including] access and protection of... More »
Become a Justice-Building Innovator - New UUSC Program Last Updated on 2015-09-01 20:16:26 UUSC has announced a new Justice-Building program (see video here) to "help cultivate and harness the “human capital” that can effectively champion justice on every level." The Northwest UU Justice Network believes the Pacific Northwest has a lot of that human capital ready to harness and eager to grow even more effective. We hope you'll think seriously about becoming a UUSC Justice Building Innovator or asking UUSC to help you find one for your congregation or to work with your congregation and its allied organizations or however you innovate to do justice work.  See the job description, below, and DO let us know ( if you are thinking of applying.  The Network hopes to provide additional support to our region's justice innovators and is looking for Justice-Building Innovators to co-sponsor. SEEKING JUSTICE... More »
Act today to stop “Monsanto’s Dream Bill” in the Senate Last Updated on 2015-08-31 15:43:21 Have you heard about the DARK Act? It's what people across the country have been calling a bill that recently passed through the House that will "Deny Americans the Right to Know" what's in their food. Also known as H.R. 1599, it's also been called "Monsanto's Dream Bill" because it will take away state rights to require labels on genetically modified foods. That means we won't know if we're eating them, or supporting the monopolized food systems they represent. I signed this petition to stop this bill in the Senate. Join me and take action to stop defend our right to know what's in our food! More »
Action Alerts and Upcoming Events for Justice (Aug. 26. 2015) Last Updated on 2015-08-26 18:47:48     OFFICE NEWS Northwest UU Justice Summit – Registration is open for our Oct. 10 annual summit at Bellingham (Wash.) Unitarian Fellowship on the theme: Allied for Justice. Please take a look at our preliminary program, and consider becoming a sponsor. More   NEW AND NOTEWORTHY Youth Sue Feds for Climate-Fix Plan – Earth Guardians, 21 young people from across the U.S. and renowned climate scientist Dr. James E. Hansen on Aug. 12 filed a landmark constitutional climate-change lawsuit in an Oregon U.S. District Court against the federal government. More More Churches Join Divestment Campaign – The leadership of the Episcopal Church and the United Church of Canada have joined several other denominations, including UUs, in voting to divest their fossil fuel holdings. More Point of No Return? John Hilke of Woodinville (Wash.) UU Church... More »