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The Northwest UU Justice Network is a growing group of Unitarian Universalists (UUs) and like-minded justice allies who are working to build a more just and sustainable world.  We "do more, more easily and to greater effect" by working together.

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UUs Answer the Call to Break Free Last Updated on 2016-05-28 20:04:08 “The people gonna’ rise like the water, We’re gonna calm this crisis down, I hear the voice of my great granddaughter,  Sayin’ “Keep it in the Ground!”- Luke Prophet Approximately 50 UUs from the region gathered on the historic weekend in May 13, 14 and 15. They came from Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Washington to stand, speak out and some even to risk arrest in the service of climate justice. All around the planet and at several places in the USA including: New York, Florida, Indiana, Colorado, California and right here in western Washington climate warriors gathered to confront an industry who would willingly sacrifice people and a myriad of other species to maintain their profits.  This was a compassionate, well organized operation. Those of us willing to take direct action were required to attend workshops to prepare us for all... More »
Organizing on the Side of Love- the Online Course: Tools and Tips for Interconnection and Impact. Last Updated on 2016-05-28 17:22:26 Social movements have cycles: they bloom, grow, and struggle. Like people. As remarkable numbers of people of faith and conscience flood into movement at this time - where and how we can and will show up of use matters. This summer, we’re thrilled to be collaborating with the UU Leadership Institute to offer Organizing on the Side of Love: Tools and Tips for Interconnection and Impact. Over the course of eight modules, we will together explore movement building and organizing 101 with spiritual reflections and tools. The course aspires to be an accessible and affordable tool for people who want knowledge on the subject, and a forum to spark conversations. Newcomers to this stuff, seasoned organizers, and those who have left movement work and are looking for places to come back are all welcome. We’re launching the course on next Wednesday - June 1 - and hope you’ll... More »
Nationally Recognized Church-State Separation Advocate to Speak in Seattle Last Updated on 2016-05-28 17:17:51 The Rev. Barry Lynn, an attorney and Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State for the past 25 years will be in Seattle to speak on Thursday, June 2 from 7:00-9:00 at Kane Hall Rm. 120 on the Univ. of Washington campus. Perhaps the most effective voice for church/state separation today, Barry Lynn is an accomplished speaker and lecturer and has appeared frequently on television and radio broadcasts to offer analysis of First Amendment issues. He’s also the author of several books, including the recently published ‘God & Government: Twenty-Five Years of Fighting for Equality, Secularism, and Freedom of Conscience.’ Lynn’s Presentation is entitled: “Separation Anxiety: Are We Winning the Fight for Real Religious Freedom?” about the misuse of the term "religious freedom", which is being used by the... More »
160521 NWuuJN Monthly Report - May 2016 Last Updated on 2016-05-27 05:29:22 PROGRAM ACTIVITIES AND DEVELOPMENTS THIS PERIOD Month at a Glance Another busy month with work on fossil-fuel infrastructure, climate crisis, first nations, food sovereignty, Islamophobia and anti-racism showing the most activity. Major event by Deb Cruz and the developing First/American Indian Nations issue-network. See below. Ongoing programs continued during this period, including web/social media publishing, our Justice Events Calendar, routine Alerts/Events e-blasts, and special alerts. 2016 Justice Summit Planning Planning Team Meeting Held: The Summit Planning team met May 12th to discuss general roles, responsibilities, and the schedule for implementing the 2016 Summit, now scheduled for Saturday, September 1 at Quimper UU Fellowship (QUUF). In addition, the team discussed broad program parameters, including theming for the summit, the morning program and presenters,... More »
Bellevue Church Targeted Twice for Black Lives Matter Stance Last Updated on 2016-05-24 13:39:44 BELLEVUE, WA: On Sunday, April 24, 2016 a pick-up truck pulled up to a group of East Shore Unitarian Church Black Lives Matter advocates at the stop light on the corner of Factoria Blvd. SE and SE 36th and threw a sign at the group that read “I Hate Ni**ers─Black Lives Don’t Mean Shit.” On Sunday, May 7 Church staff discovered that their Black Lives Banner had been slashed. According to East Shore’s Interim Minister, Rev. Elaine Peresluha, “We began to process and respond to this racist attack immediately following the event. It has taken a few weeks of working with the Bellevue Police and the Eastside Race and Leadership Coalition to know how best to respond. We invited the coalition's traveling peace arch to our community where our members and friends could publicly affirm our commitment to fight racism. We are continuing to work with the Eastside... More »