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The Northwest UU Justice Network is a growing group of Unitarian Universalists (UUs) and like-minded justice allies who are working to build a more just and sustainable world.  We "do more, more easily and to greater effect" by working together.

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  • Voter Guide from Poverty Action Network Featured Article Voter Guide from Poverty Action Network Voter Guide from Poverty Action Network

      Have you ever been overwhelmed by the names and faces of candidates during election season, unsure of who to vote for? Ever felt confused about the effects of the state... More »

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Action Alerts and Upcoming Events for Justice (Oct. 19, 2018) Last Updated on 2018-10-17 18:00:39 Action Alerts and Upcoming Events for Justice Oct. 19, 2018   NETWORK NEWS JUUstice Washington Summit Oct. 20 – This year’s all-day summit in Edmonds launches the joint evolution of Northwest UU Justice Network and Washington UU Voices for Justice. A new Justice Fair will feature exhibits, information kiosks and presentations. Childcare for infants and children through age 12 will be provided by Edmonds UU Congregation staff from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Register Online UU Legislative Conference Nov. 18 – This JUUstice Washington conference sets priorities for the coming legislative session in Olympia, based on discussion of major issues by members of UU congregations. Each church convenes a group to take part in the online meeting from 1-4:30 pm. More   ADVOCACY ALERTS Voter Guide from Poverty Action Network – This guide is part of the... More »
I-1631 Faith Leaders’ Speakers Training Last Updated on 2018-10-17 15:42:58   With the 2018 election less than a month away, now is the time to speak up about why you support I-1631. Big oil companies are putting millions of dollars behind ads to spread misinformation about the initiative. But we have something that they don’t – enthusiastic citizens across the state spreading the word about all of the ways I-1631 will make our communities healthier, cleaner, and stronger. Now more than ever, your voice is needed!   I-1631 Faith Leaders’ Speakers Training Thursday, October 11, 6:30-8 p.m. Leffler House at St. Mark's Cathedral 1245 10th Ave. E., Seattle   Join Earth Ministry, St. Mark’s Creation Care Committee, and the Yes on 1631 team to learn how to talk about Initiative 1631 and share why your faith calls you to support it. We’ll go over the big talking points of the initiative, practice answering... More »
Voter Guide from Poverty Action Network Last Updated on 2018-10-16 18:03:02   Have you ever been overwhelmed by the names and faces of candidates during election season, unsure of who to vote for? Ever felt confused about the effects of the state initiatives on your ballot, or had the sneaking suspicion that the implications of these initiatives were not wholly apparent to you? Ever just wish that all the information about the election season was in one convenient place? We get it. That’s why we created our 2018 Voter Guide, which is now up on our website! Our 2018 Voter Guide is part of our Vote For A Change campaign, which we’ve ran every other year since 2004 as an effort to equip Washington voters with all the information they need to confidently cast their vote. Each election season, we draft a questionnaire based on our values of racial and economic justice and send it to candidates for federal and state office. This year’s... More »
Help Uplift Indigenous Stories Last Updated on 2018-10-13 14:56:59 As Unitarian Universalists, celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day in lieu of Columbus Day is a choice to celebrate the inherent worth and dignity of every person and to end the glorification of the cultural and ecological genocide caused by colonization. In honor of Indigenous Peoples Day, UU Ministry for Earth is seeking to raise $1,000 to finance a new film called The Condor & The Eagle as an Associate Producer. Can you chip in? The Eagle & The Condor is an ancient prophecy, shared by many Indigenous people. The prophecy says when the Eagle of North America and the Condor of South America unite, the spirit of peace will awaken. After 500 years of colonization, Indigenous elders believe that this union has begun. The Condor & The Eagle documentary offers a glimpse into this developing spiritual renaissance as four Indigenous leaders learn from each other’s long... More »
Protect Immigrant Families: Comment Period Open on Rule Change Last Updated on 2018-10-13 14:30:05 The time for action is NOW (comment period closes Dec. 10) on a proposed change to the federal rule on Public Charge. This rule change has been posted to the Federal Register and is open for public comment. As part of the Protecting Immigrant Families coalition in Washington, we have a unique faith community portal to use.  Please use it to add your voice to thousands across our country that have already said NO to the Trump Administration’s proposed change that will harshly impact millions of immigrant families. For more information, please see the excellent synthesis below from our partners at Anti-Hunger & Nutrition Coalition. Please write a comment today You’ll find there is a suggested message already in the portal, but in order to be counted it is important to add a line or two from your unique perspective, a story, why you care about... More »