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The Northwest UU Justice Network is a growing group of Unitarian Universalists (UUs) who are working to build a more just and sustainable world.  We "do more, more easily and to greater effect" by working together.

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    Author and management consultant Meg Wheatley returns to Seattle for a Sept. 26-28 workshop and webcast: A Weekend for Exhausted and Overworked Leaders and... More »

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    UU Voices for Justice will present a workshop based on the new Common Read at the District's Discovery Day! Sept, 27. Leave Discovery Day with a plan for how to introduce the... More »

Recently Updated
Invitation to Justice-Seeking Youth - Join us at the 2014 Justice Summit in Olympia, WA Last Updated on 2014-09-02 00:30:03 Calling all justice-seeking youth their advisors and friends: The Justice Summit Planning Team wants to support your justice work and invites you to join us October 11, 2014, as UUs come together in Olympia, WA to further our individual and collective justice work.  We invite you to join us with your ideas, your passions, your desire to make a difference, your ongoing work and your leadership.  We offer you an opportunity to connect with others working for justice and to work with other youth, adults, or both to amplify your justice voice and become contagious with your justice passions. Have an issue you passionately support or want to support? You can staff your own table on your issue, inviting others to join you through your exhibit display, promotional material, evocative questions, sign-up sheets and/or personal testimony.  REQUEST YOUR TABLE IN A FOLLOW-UP... More »
Wedgwood Meaningful Movies presents UNITED STATES OF A.L.E.C., Friday, September 12, 2014 Last Updated on 2014-09-02 00:29:45 Wedgwood Meaningful Movies presents UNITED STATES OF A.L.E.C., another offering in our monthly showing of documentary films on social and economic justice issues. Every year in state legislatures around the country, hundreds of pieces of corporate-written, profit-motivated legislation are proposed--and enacted--that, among other objectives, dilute collective bargaining rights, make it harder for some groups of Americans to vote, or limit corporate liability for harm caused to consumers. The public often never learns who wrote those laws or why legislatures in state after state pass nearly identical legislation. The United States of A.L.E.C., a documentary narrated by Bill Moyers, lifts the veil of secrecy over these bills and exposes an influential political force most of us have never heard of: The American Legislative Exchange Council (aka A.L.E.C.). While A.L.E.C. presents itself as... More »
UUC's Climate Action Team Presents GASLAND PART II, Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014. Last Updated on 2014-09-02 00:29:39 UUC's CLIMATE ACTION TEAM PRESENTS GASLAND PART II at 7 P.M. on Saturday, Sept. 27, in Nathan Johnson Hall. Gasland Part I explored the widespread contamination, pollution, and health effects of the largest domestic drilling campaign in modern history. Famous scenes of people lighting their water on fire reverberated across the world and created awareness of the dangers of drilling and fracking. Whether or not you have seen Gasland Part I, Gasland Part II will provide you with a compelling narrative, shocking facts, clear science, and an understanding of why drilling can never be made safe. Gasland Part II focuses on another level of contamination due to fracking: the contamination of our democracy through the intense influence of oil and gas corporations on our political system. Link to a film trailer: http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/about-the-film   University Unitarian... More »
Mark Your Calendars for Two Important Dates Last Updated on 2014-08-30 18:59:40 Justice Summit, Oct. 11 at Olympia UUC; and Virtual Legislative Conference, Nov. 22 at your very own congregation This fall we are shaking things up a bit and co-sponsoring the Justice Summit, where we will gather in person for inspiration and workshops. Watch your email for more details and a link to registration which will open soon. Our annual Legislative Conference will be much more accessible this year. You only have to drive to your own congregation and join with UUs from the other congregations across the state for two hours of tightly organized presentation and discussion of issues that are of most concern to UUs and our social justice partners. After that you can lunch with your group, and discuss the issues more thoroughly. We'll have a blog for open discussion and you'll receive a ballot to vote. For more information contact Jolinda Stephens at... More »
UU Fusion Coalitions Forming in Congregations for Economic Inequality, the New Jim Crow, Environmental Justice, Marriage Equality, Immigration, and Voting Rights Last Updated on 2014-08-30 17:12:23 “Upward mobility—the American Dream—has become a myth. Concentration of wealth and power has skyrocketed. Dr. King’s dream of justice and equality has fractured. Half of all Americans are impoverished or struggling, as the middle class shrinks and billionaires take the profits. … Challenging extreme inequality has now become a moral imperative.” The new Congregational Study Action Issue on Escalating Inequality chosen at General Assembly (quoted above) provides a broad frame for the many injustices that UUs and others continue to address. The emergence of fusion coalitions in faith-based and progressive organizing (such as the Moral Mondays Forward Together movement) is an inspiring development. Fusion coalitions bring together different groups working on many different justice issues, acknowledging that all our causes are connected and that... More »