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Check out our 2014 Justice Summit outcomes

The Northwest UU Justice Network is a growing group of Unitarian Universalists (UUs) who are working to build a more just and sustainable world.  We "do more, more easily and to greater effect" by working together.

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  • Oregon UUs March for Climate in New York Featured News Article Oregon UUs March for Climate in New York Oregon UUs March for Climate in New York

    It was inspiring to march with so many along Waterfront Park from the Hawthorne Bridge nearly to the Burnside Bridge and back again. It was doubly inspiring to know that so... More »

  • UUs Partner Nationally to Stop Voter... Featured News Article UUs Partner Nationally to Stop Voter... UUs Partner Nationally to Stop Voter...

    This message is part of our Voting Rights Campaign blog series. Today we hear from Susan Leslie, UUA Congregational Advocacy And Witness Director. Click here to see more about the... More »

  • Deportation Hearing for Man Living with... Featured News Article Deportation Hearing for Man Living with... Deportation Hearing for Man Living with...

    Please call the Tacoma ICE office (from wherever you are!) and urge them to grant the immediate humanitarian release of Miguel Armenta Olabarria! Miguel, a gay activist, artist,... More »

  • Tell eBay “Leave ALEC” Featured News Article Tell eBay “Leave ALEC” Tell eBay “Leave ALEC”

    UUSC and more than 80 other organizations are publicly calling for eBay to end its affiliation with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC is an operation that... More »

  •   Congregational Justice Gets In-Depth... Featured News Article   Congregational Justice Gets In-Depth... Congregational Justice Gets In-Depth...

    The 2014 Justice Summit featured three workshops aimed at tackling some of the trickier issues of congregational justice work. See the descriptions below and download resource... More »

Recently Updated
What are you called to do? - Responses from the 2014 Justice Summit participants Last Updated on 2014-10-30 02:11:31 What are you called to do? Keep attending network board meetings Educate Rest, finish up current programs in progress then rest up for legislative session Expand that network Climate change Advocate to make my home church a sanctuary; take the lead on this calling I will do more within the network, post more, etc. Study action guide on inequality Develop a 5-year social justice plan Stay the course – stay engaged in building beloved community inside and beyond church walls Stay in touch with people I met today, continue study of the issue(s) Help form our local justice group at our congregation Connect with our allies: other faiths, native americans Increase social action in my congregation Figure this out Form groups to enhance incomes of poor Carry through commitments to participate/lead on climate Make our voices and principals known I will take my... More »
What did you accomplish? - Responses from the 2014 Justice Summit participants Last Updated on 2014-10-30 02:10:12 What did YOU accomplish? I was able to take a more in-depth look at important issues and strategies I learned what UUs and organizations have been dong regarding social justice issues I care about (provided context for me) I met some UUs I did not know who are passionate about the same topics I am Made connections Raised awareness about the carbon tax as proposed by CCL I learned more about some issues, met UUs from other places, met a Quaker I made it here and didn’t fall asleep I met new people, made connections with like-minded people, shared info Intense connecting, clarification of issues I learned about issues, books to read and groups working on issues I learned some techniques for expanding social justice involvement in my congregation Networking, learning Supported terrific workshops Met people with similar interests and people who are ready to work on... More »
Action Alerts and Upcoming Events for Justice (Oct. 29, 2014) Last Updated on 2014-10-30 01:23:49     Action Alerts and Upcoming Events for Justice From the Northwest UU Justice Network Oct. 29, 2014     NETWORK OFFICE NEWS Here for You Today and All Year Long – DD Hilke, executive director of the Northwest UU Justice Network, delivered this presentation and handout at the Oct. 11 annual summit.   NEW AND NOTEWORTHY Justice Network Summit – Read Mike Mallory’s overview of the social-action workshop at the Northwest UU Justice Network’s recent annual summit in Olympia, Wash. This brief overview of all three workshops includes links to resource materials. Curtis Bell provides reports on “breakout sessions’’ on peace and Israel/Palestine, and Linda Selsor shares notes on a session on money out of politics. What's next for participants? What’s next for networking UUs? What did we... More »
Visit the stunning Northwest Detention Center Resistance altar at the Tacoma (Wash.) Art Museum now through Nov. 2, 2014 Last Updated on 2014-10-29 18:07:33 Jolinda Stephens invites us to experience this stunning Dias de Los Muertos altar crafted by the Northwest Detention Center Resistance. It on display with about 15 other altars on the 2nd floor of the Tacoma Art Museum in Tacoma, Washington. See it this week through Sunday, November 2, 2014. More »
Plant for the Planet: Children For Climate Justice Last Updated on 2014-10-29 17:59:31 “We cannot leave the shape of our future just to adults.” Felix Finkbeiner Last weekend 40 Climate Justice Ambassadors were certified at Magnuson Park in Seattle through the “Plant For the Planet” academy process. The Mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, arrived to help them plant trees, bushes and ferns. At the end of the day they pitched Speaker of the House Frank Chopp on their plan. It all came about because of a 9 year old German student and a Nobel laureate from Kenya. Felix Finkbeiner, while researching global warming in 2007 for his fourth grade teacher, was understandably upset by what he learned and its implications for his generation. Felix wondered, “With the warming climate, the melting glaciers and rising oceans, our future is being destroyed, and people are just simply sitting around talking about it! Why aren’t we doing anything?” He... More »