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Twice a month, the Northwest UU Justice Network publishes a handy chronological listing of all upcoming justice-related events, along with advocacy alerts and new and noteworthy posting recently posted to our website.

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Action Alerts and Upcoming Events for Justice: July 20, 2017 Last Updated on 2017-07-20 13:41:02 Action Alerts and Upcoming Events for Justice   July 20, 2017 Download this Edition JUSTICE NETWORK NEWS Benefits of Being a Member – We do everything we can to support you, so you can do more to help build a better world. Read how to join or renew your membership. More Become a Sponsor for our 2017 Justice Summit – We’re looking for UU congregations and organizations interested in sponsoring this fall's Summit. More ADVOCACY ALERTS Tell Amazon to drop Breitbart Ads – Sierra Club asks us to tell Amazon to stop funding hate and climate-change-denial propaganda, by halting its ads on Breitbart. More Help Protect 11 Marine Sanctuaries and Monuments from Trump Actions – The Trump administration wants to reduce the marine sanctuaries and monuments so they can be opened to oil and gas exploration, fishing, and much more. Alt National Park... More »
Action Alerts and Upcoming Events for Justice (June 29, 2017) Last Updated on 2017-07-02 19:24:30     Action Alerts and Upcoming Events for Justice   June 29, 2017 (Read this document online here) ADVOCACY ALERTS Help Save an Important Prison Program – The Black Prisoners' Caucus seeks help defending the Taking Education and Creating History program at Clallum Bay Corrections Center in Washington. The for-credit university was created by prisoners; its teaching philosophy is one that moves at the pace of the slowest, and each prisoner teaches another. More ACLU Seeks Help Protecting Special-Ed Kids – The ACLU asks us to contact the Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to express support for its new lawsuit on behalf of special-ed students, who are suspended and expelled at high rates. More Ask U.S. Army Corps to Require Clean Water Act Permit for Idaho Project – A new railroad bridge proposed to cross... More »
Action Alerts and Upcoming Events for Justice (June 8, 2017) Last Updated on 2017-06-13 13:50:33 Action Alerts and Upcoming Events for Justice Download this Edition June 8, 2017   ADVOCACY ALERTS Going to G.A.? – Environmental Justice Practitioners' Network organizers (Rev. Karen Brammer, Elizabeth Mount, and Aly Tharp) will all be at the June 21-24 General Assembly in New Orleans. Check out this list of workshops they plan to attend. More The assembly will include a nine-workshop climate justice program, “The Seas Are Rising and So Are We,” and volunteers are needed. More Roll-Back of Federal Financial Reforms Moves to the Senate – The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Financial CHOICE Act, aka the “Wrong Choice Act,” on Thursday. By rolling back the Dodd-Frank financial reforms, HR 10 exposes consumers to the same dangerous financial practices that contributed to the last recession and foreclosure crisis. More Sign... More »
Action Alerts and Upcoming Events for Justice (May 25, 2017) Last Updated on 2017-05-25 19:08:12 Action Alerts and Upcoming Events for Justice   May 25, 2017     ADVOCACY ALERTS Support Valve-Turner at his Retrial –  In solidarity with Standing Rock, Ken Ward was among several activists who on Oct. 11 turned the valves on pipelines carrying toxic diluted bitumen, extracted from tar sands, into the U.S. from Alberta, Can. Ken’s trial lasted three days and ended in a hung jury. His retrial has been moved to June 5th in Skagit County (Wash.) Superior Court. The prosecuting attorney requested this due to difficulties scheduling his witnesses. More Help Pressure Exxon/Mobil to Stop Financing Pipelines – U.S. Bank is the first major bank to stop financing pipeline construction. The new target is Exxon/Mobil, which has an upcoming shareholders' meeting. If you have a pension, you are probably an Exxon shareholder. Send them a message!... More »
Action Alerts and Upcoming Events for Justice (May 11, 2017) Last Updated on 2017-05-16 15:40:24 Action Alerts and Upcoming Events for Justice May 11, 2017   JUSTICE NETWORK OFFICE NEWS Justice-Issue Sub-Networks – Our organization is beginning to develop interstate Issue-Networks and is working to secure funding to fully support this vision. More   ADVOCACY ALERTS Faith Action Network Updates on Wash. Legislature – The Washington State Legislature continues its special session to negotiate a biennial budget. FAN outlines several policy victories to celebrate, and offers a list of activism opportunities. More Join New Online Joint Initiative to Resist Hate – The UUA and UUSC recently began an unprecedented level of collaboration to support a growing movement to resist hate speech and xenophobic policy actions at local, state and national levels. Thousands of individuals, congregations and organizations have joined by adding their names to... More »