Tribal Canoe Journeys

Photo by AP/Elaine Thompson

The Canoe Journey is an annual event in which Pacific Northwest Tribes travel the ancestral highways of their cultures.  Tribes from Oregon, Washington, Alaska and British Columbia have participated and hosted landings.  The landings are events that occur along the canoe journey route

The Canoe Journey began in 1989, part of the 100th anniversary of Washington Statehood in which the state and indigenous governments signed the Centennial Accord, recognizing indigenous sovereignty.  Canoe Journeys have organized up and down the whole Pacific Northwest Coast and being hosted by many different Northwest Native communities.

Recent Canoe Journeys can be followed on the Tribal Canoe Journeys Facebook page and some on Tribal Journeys Info website.


1989: Paddle to Seattle, WA
Emmett Oliver's 1989 Paddle to Seattle

1993: Paddle to Bella Bella, BC Qatuwas

1994: Youth Paddle (Olympia, WA, with the 2nd Cedar Tree Conference)

1995: Full Circle Youth Paddle, in Puget Sound, Washington

1996: Full Circle Youth Paddle, in Puget Sound, Washington

1997: Paddle to LaPush, WA

1998: Paddle to Puyallup, WA

1999: Paddle to Ahousaht, BC

2000: Paddle to Songhees, BC

2001: Paddle to Squamish, BC

2002: Paddle to Quinault, Taholah, WA

2003: Paddle to Tulalip, WA

2004: Paddle to Chemainus, BC

2005: Paddle to Elwha, Port Angeles, WA

2006: Paddle to Muckleshoot, Auburn, WA

2007: Paddle to Lummi, WA

2008: Paddle to Cowichan, Cowichan Bay, BC

2009: Paddle to Suquamish, WA

2010: Paddle to Makah, Neah Bay, WA

2011: Paddle to Swinomish, La Conner, WA

2012: Paddle to Squaxin Island, Kamilche, WA

2013: Paddle to Quinault at Taholah, WA

2014: Paddle to Bella Bella, Qatuwas Festival, at Bella Bella, BC on Campbell Island, BC

2015: Various locations in the Salish Sea, BC and WA

2016:  Paddle to Nisqually, Olympia, WA

2017:  We Wai Kai Nation and Wei Wai Kum Nation, Campbell River Spit, BC.  More information on the 2017 Standing Together Tribal Journey (August 5-10) can be found at Tribal Journeys 2017 
and Tribal Journeys Facebook


1989 Paddle to Seattle


2001 Paddle to Squamish, BC


2007 Paddle to Lummi, WA


2013: Paddle to Quinault at Taholah, WA


2018 Tribal Canoe Journey, Puyallup, WA



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Solidarity with Power Paddle to Puyallup and Blanket Project, July 28 in Puyallup, Wash. Last Updated on 2018-05-18 17:15:20   Solidarity with Power Paddle to Puyallup   For ages the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest have gathered together for potlatches, or giveaways, sharing their gratitude with and for one another. The Puyallup Tribe of Indians is hosting the Power Paddle to Puyallup in 2018. "Honoring Our Medicine" is the theme for the 2018 Paddle. Over 100 canoes will journey from as far north as Alaska and as far south as California for eight days of feasting, singing, dancing, drumming, and sharing through giveaways. When: July 28, 2018 Where: The Landing, Puyallup Tribal Lands near Port of Tacoma July 29 - August 4 Entire Event The Puyallup Blanket Project Learning Right Relations, is a group of non-tribal people working in solidarity with the Puyallup Canoe Family, by sponsoring a blanket project, helping with other giveaway items, and by volunteering for the... More »