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First Nations’ Struggles and the Faith Community Response

Throughout the Pacific Northwest and Mountain Desert districts of the UUA and into British Columbia and Alberta Provinces of Canada, First Nations are being very heavily impacted by all the fossil fuel extraction and exportation projects that are already in the works and more being proposed. Coal, oil and natural gas are being extracted from the north Midwest, West and Canada, and projects are being planned to ship them to foreign markets from along the Pacific Northwest coasts. First Nations are being caught on both ends.

Here is a brief story of the Lummi Nation as they struggle to defeat the plans for the largest coal export facility in North America -- a facility being proposed on the lands and waters they hold sacred.

Read the story of First Nations' struggles here

We are asking all faith and activist communities, particularly our fellow Unitarian Universalists, to join together to protect the indigenous cultures and treaty rights of the Lummi Nation, of  other First Nations and of the Earth itself.  Please add your signature and/or the endorsement of your congregation to the Interfaith Statement of Solidarity with Lummi Nation found at the end of the above article.

Please add your comments (or questions) below, so all can benefit from the ongoing conversation, or contact Deb Cruz of the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship at dwcruz@comcast.net to engage in this work directly.




Administrator, N., & Cruz, D. (2017). First Nations’ Struggles and the Faith Community Response. Retrieved from http://www.nwuujn.org/view/article/527aa1570cf28463bc8dda57

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Cindy Creager wrote: 11-09-2013 00:56:36

The Peace & Justice and Social Concerns Committees of Edmonds UUC presented a "Resolution to Honor the Lummi Nation's Sacred Lands and Waters at Cherry Point," to elders of the Lummi Nation, at an Earth Ministries Faith Community Gathering on September 4. We tailored Bellingham UF's broader Resolution to Honor the Lummi Nation, to speak specifically to Cherry Point coal development. You can contact me or Bellingham to get a copy. Deb, please add the "Peace & Justice and Social Concerns Committees of Edmonds UU Church" to your Statement.