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Community to Community Attacked in Fake News Campaign


The frequent practice of using misinformation and presenting it as truth and factual evidence is being used right now in Whatcom County. It is being used against C2C and our social justice work for fair, sustainable food systems with justice for farm workers. I'm asking you to be watchful for corporate-supported, politically-driven PR attacks on C2C in print news, radio, and social media, as well as other media venues locally.

Over the past few weeks, Save Family Farming, a Whatcom County organization formed last year, launched a project called "Farmworker Justice Now," led by Dillon Honcoop. We believe this is a reaction to the good humanitarian work you and C2C undertook last August after the death of a farm worker at Sarbanand Farms in Sumas, WA. Dillon Honcoop has used this horribly named project to campaign against us and has been making public and defamatory statements about C2C.

"Save Family Farming," created by PR crisis communications specialist Gerald Baron, describes itself as a "Washington state family farm advocacy group" and has a recent history of making false statements about local Tribes and environmental organizations.

There are current corporate agricultural industry actions of a political nature that are helping to motivate these recent attacks. Well-funded agricultural lobbyists and corporate interests are exerting pressure to retain and revamp legislation regarding H-2A worker visas that allows large corporate agricultural operations to increasingly import workers from outside the U.S. We believe the H-2A visa program and the new proposed H-2C visa program are nothing but a legalized form of a quasi-slave labor system. The push is local, across our state, and across the nation, and other workers from other industries will suffer from these visa programs, as well. We urge you to continue to learn more about these federal labor programs.

Tomorrow, April 3, from 6-8 p.m. there is an opportunity to attend a forum on H-2A called, "Race, Economy, Workers and Borders: A Community Forum," at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship.

We are thankful for your recognition of and participation in the many opportunities for community enrichment and engagement which Community to Community has been providing over the last 15 years, and we know that, together, we can accomplish the restoration of justice to our food, land, and cultural practices. In this pursuit we hope you will join with us to help spread the word, educate others, dispel any misinformation, or refute any lies that may show up online, in the papers, on TV or social media. Please feel free to contact me for more details or clarification at (360) 738-0893.

In 2014 C2C received the US Food Sovereignty Prize. This thank you message then was inspired by Cesar Chavez and reiterates why C2C is vocal about supporting a family farming system:

"Thank you for giving us the dignity of recognizing that farm workers are in the United States and that we are under an attack that limits our mobility, our ability to survive, and limits our ability to produce opportunities for our children in your communities. We are everywhere in America today where food is being produced. Brothers and sisters and mentors...our survival is woven into your well-being. We will die first and have been dying first, from the chemicals, from the poison, toxins, the production methods being used by corporate agriculture. But you are next, because everything that happens to us goes through our hands and into the boxes and into the retail outlets and food that everybody in America buys. You are not only eating the economic poisons, but you are also eating despair, and pain, and poverty in the way that food is being produced.

We are tied together in local economies, in the production, but also through spirit, and through the belief that has been expressed here that this food system is ours. That we, not only should be eating the food, but we should have a voice and a decision into how the food is being produced in our community."









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